Updated and Expanded Bibliography

A new expanded bibliography of the works of Philip K. Dick plus related titles is available at PKD and Me: A personal journey into the works of Philip K. Dick.

When someone discovers the work of Philip K. Dick and becomes fascinated by it, there is a phenomenon in which they must read all of his work as fast as possible. Sometimes the plots and incidents blur together into one mega-novel. And there are a lot of novels.

At PKD and Me, view resources such as publication dates, covers and links to more information for an even deeper dive into the works.

An electronic only version is available at Homeopape.

Future improvements are the ability to create an account, review titles and mark which titles have been read.

Precious Artifacts 2 Published

Precious Artifacts 2 – A Philip K. Dick Bibliography – The Short Stories: United States of America, United Kingdom and Oceania 1952-2014 has been published as a trade paperback and is now available for purchase on Createspace.com or Amazon.com. From the Wide Books announcement:

In this second volume of Precious Artifacts, David Hyde and Henri Wintz take us on another journey back in time looking at Philip K. Dick’s short story publication history. This fully illustrated bibliography covers 125 short stories written by Philip K. Dick between 1952 and 1981. It is full of details on the stories themselves, the editors who published them, the magazines, anthologies and collections they appeared in, as well as the artists who illustrated them. The bibliography covers not only editions of the books and pulp magazines from the United States and the United Kingdom, but also rare publications from Australia and New Zealand.

The hardback edition of the bibliography is also available in limited quantities and can be ordered at www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html, Amazon.com or Wide Books. The trade paperback can be ordered at Amazon.com, Createspace.com or Wide Books also.

If you have questions about the book, please contact the authors at precious_artifacts[at]pkdickbooks[dot]com.

Home Page: www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html
Wide Books: www.wide-books.com/catalog.html
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PreciousArtifacts

Interview with the Creators of Precious Artifacts: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography

Precious Artifacts Cover

Henri Wintz and David Hyde agreed to an email interview about their recently published bibliography, Precious Artifacts : A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012.

Why did we write the book considering much of the information is already available online?

Certainly there is a lot of bibliographic information about PKD’s editions online and scattered over many websites in many languages. The common perception that you can find anything online is true. In the case of Philip K. Dick the fan need only go to PKDickbooks.com to find an excellent bibliographic resource (and I must note that my partner in the publication of PA, Henri Wintz, is proprietor of PKDickbooks.com). It may be that in the future everything will be in the Internet cloud and books will become a thing of the past like ancient pottery, which is why our title – Precious Artifacts – is perfect; When Henri suggested it I instantly knew this was our title. In short, we love books.

Why create the bibliography now?

Why not? We can’t wait till we’re dead to do it. Both Henri and I have separately been compiling our own bibliographies for years. I started making notes back around 1985 and Henri, too, became a PKD fan in the 80s. It so happened that our separate bibliographies neared completion around the same time. I wanted to publish a PKD bibliography, or, rather, a series of PKD bibliographies, starting with the USA and UK editions in 2010 and I contacted Henri with the proposition that we work together on this. And here we are, the first volume is done.

How long did it take to put the book together?

We began work in earnest in early 2011. So it has taken a year and a half to reach publication. About six months of that on copy editing alone.

What was the process you used to put the book together? How did you work as a team to create it?

Henri and I are completely different. He’s the consummate professional and, indeed, is a scientist working as editorial director at a biotech firm in California. I’m the complete amateur who has the goal in mind and tackles things as they come. So, there’s a huge gap between the ways we usually do things. I think Henri realized early on that my tools were primitive and my computer knowledge outdated so he assumed control of the technical and design aspects of manuscript preparation and making sure we had high quality images for the PKD cover pictures. I did a lot of the writing. Once we established a steady method of communication by email we swapped ideas and clarified issues. But we remained autonomous to a large degree, straightforward decisions we each made routinely. One thing we agreed on was that this would be a quality book. With damn-near 50 years of PKD knowledge between us we knew what we were doing and wanted to do it right.

How did you approach the book differently than the Levack book?

As the first published English language PKD bibliography, Levack’s book served as inspiration and model to us. Our cover, designed by Nick Buchanan, is based on Levack’s cover. We also referenced the Galactic Central PKD bibliography. The first thing we wanted to do was make our edition full color and to bring everything up to date. Levack was published in 1981, that’s thirty years ago. Levack also has many foreign editions described in his bibliography and a section covering PKD’s short stories and other writings. We decided for space reasons that with so many USA, UK and other English language PKD editions published since 1955 that we would confine the first volume of Precious Artifacts to the novels and major story collections. As it is on publication Precious Artifacts has 140 pages.

Did you use PKDickbooks.com as a resource?

Yes, we did. PKDickbooks.com is the online standard in PKD bibliographies, it is the most complete in English language editions and I carefully checked my own bibliography against Henri’s. Having two bibliographies to compare helped us find errors, variant editions, and generally tightened up our combined bibliography – Precious Artifacts.

What did you add to the book that’s not available on the website?

Henri’s online bibliography is like a database organized around the cover images of all the PKD books he’s collected and found online. There’s all kinds of information there sorted in many ways, his website is huge and modern. What we added to our book was the publication details of PKD’s books – all the bibliographic data about book types, dates, cover artists, ISBN, and any other information we knew that fit within a traditional definition of a bibliography – number of pages, cover price, publishers marks, etc. As Precious Artifacts is the first in a series of PKD bibliographies, we have added introductory essays on rare book collecting, collecting signed editions, a brief Philip K. Dick biography, and in the back we have a glossary of bibliographic terms, a PKD chronology, and a guide to the collectable editions of PKD written by Frank Hollander. Our book is intended for fans of PKD and also book collectors.

How do you plan on updating the bibliography to keep it current?

Henri’s website and our Facebook page will be where we note new editions and useful information. Eventually, we will publish supplements in similar format to Precious Artifacts so the owners of our book will have a nice looking row of books on their bookshelves as we extend the series into the short story editions of PKD and foreign language editions.

Will you do foreign language editions?

Our intention is to do foreign language editions. Next up is the short story bibliography in English and then the French editions. We’re going with France first because Henri is French and knows the language and his website already has a large French bibliography. Then on to other languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Polish. We already have incomplete bibliographies in over twenty languages.

When is the hardcover available?

The hardcover is available now. This is a limited edition of 100 and they’re selling fast. We decided to add a hardcover edition because we wanted durability and to offer the PKD fans an edition that we believe will appreciate in value as a collectable hardcover book.

Anything to add?

Henri and I will be at the Philip K. Dick Festival in San Francisco over the weekend of September 22nd/23rd 2012. There we will talk about Precious Artifacts and have some hardcovers and paperbacks for sale which we will gladly autograph for the fans. We’ll also talk about collecting PKD books and have an Antiques Roadshow sort of thing where we evaluate books that the attendees bring to the festival.

This Philip K. Dick bibliography project that we have embarked on is probably something we will never finish. But we shall continue as long as we can. With our foreign language volumes we intend not only bibliographies but also knowledgeable articles about science fiction development in foreign lands focused around Philip K. Dick. Many countries have different publishing traditions than those in the USA and UK and these traditions are often fascinating in themselves. When complete out series of PKD bibliographies will present a history of the global science fiction publishing industry for the last sixty years.

Precious Artifacts CoverPrecious Artifacts : A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012 has been published and is now available for purchase on Createspace.com or Amazon.com as a trade paperback. The hardback edition of the bibliography can be ordered at www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html.

If you have questions about the book, please contact them at precious_artifacts[at]pkdickbooks[dot]com.

Home Page: www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PreciousArtifacts

Precious Artifacts Published

Precious Artifacts CoverPrecious Artifacts : A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012 has been published as a trade paperback and is now available for purchase on Createspace.com or Amazon.com. From the The Philip K. Dick Bookshelf announcement:

Precious Artifacts is a fully illustrated bibliography of the novels and major story collections of Philip K. Dick published in the USA and UK. It covers almost 60 years of PKD publications with close to 600 editions referenced with full-color cover art. Fans of Philip K. Dick will find herein a trove of information and details on PKD’s books including knowledgeable essays on collecting books, a useful guide to collecting rare editions, a glossary of bibliographic terms and a chronology of PKD’s novels.

The hardback edition of the bibliography will be available soon and can be preordered at www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html. The trade paperback can be ordered at Amazon.com or Createspace.com.

If you have questions about the book, please contact them at precious_artifacts[at]pkdickbooks[dot]com.

Home Page: www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PreciousArtifacts

Precious Artifacts Announcement

Precious Artifacts CoverDavid Hyde (Lord Running Clam) and Henri Wintz are close to publishing their PKD bibliography, PRECIOUS ARTIFACTS: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012. What promises to be an amazing accomplishment and update to all previous biographies is scheduled to be published in June. They have also launched a Kickstarter project in support of this book and you can pledge there and receive one of their great rewards. And also started a Facebook page where they discuss the book and their progress towards publication in June 2012. To help spread the word, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ their book on your networks.

Home Page: www.PKDickbooks.com/precious_artifacts.html
Kickstarter page: www.kickstarter.com/projects/495272397/precious-artifacts-a-pictorial-philip-k-dick-bibli
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PreciousArtifacts

Lord Running Clams’s PKDweb Lives (Again)!

PKDweb 2003I have been waiting to get my hands on the newer version of Dave Hyde’s PKDweb site for a little while now before I put up a version of that site within a site essentially (or his own site if he wanted it that way). The version that was on the on philipdick.com was from 1999 which I never realized until Dave himself told me. And then he said he had a revision from 2003 that was updated. I pestered him for it and patiently waited and worked out a way for Dave to send it to me. I had the site in my hands just over a week ago and I have been using that time to upload test and make some fixes to it. As a proof of concept I put the old one up on the site first and configured the site to host this type of site within a site. Then I archived the old 1999 one here: http://1999pkdweb.philipdick.com and put the new code in place on the server the other night at /pkdweb/

Immediately, I realized that we had an issue that Dave developed the site on a PC which is case insensitive and the site is going to live on a case sensitive server. Several of the site links were broken that I fixed and let Dave look at it before going live. Obviously, he gave is okay! So the site is live with some deployment issues. I will be working to fix what I know about in the week or so ahead but if you see a broken link or any other issues, feel free to report it to philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com

PKDweb 1999Another thing that I recently noticed is that there are many links to Dave’s pages on Wikipedia.org in the Philip K. Dick Bibliography area. I think that says much about Dave’s work on this content. When I asked him about it, he claimed that he didn’t know about it… A project I put on my list is to increase the number of links to philipdick.com and Dave’s content from Wikipedia.org to help interested fans find the site and to help the site’s rankings in search engines. And fix any broken links to his content with the new site change.

I really appreciate all that Dave contributes to the community and I’m very impressed with this site he did by himself without knowing html. Maybe in a few years, we can squeeze a 2010 version out of Dave!?!?

New Cover Controversy?

I’ve seen many social media discussions about the new editions of especially the look and design of the covers.

I think the overall look that Mariner Books is shooting for with these is a literary novel or contemporary fiction. Maybe that’s part of why us science fiction readers (for those of you who identify with that label. I hope I’m not over generalizing here) who are used to garish covers aren’t reacting positively to the generic bland covers that could be on any book.

I like the older covers better because they were more garish, more distinctive and more Science Fiction. The new ones look bland and so similar I think it will be hard to tell one apart from another. And the covers I’ve seen don’t seem to even try to show items, content or concepts from the novel.

What does everyone else think about this issue? Feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts!

Exegesis Is Here!

I haven’t posted anything about the release of The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick because I assumed that anyone who likes Philip K. Dick knows about this because of the importance of this release.

I have a copy of the first release of the Exegesis and have only read parts of it because it is difficult to choose to read it over reading VALIS which is my favorite book and one that explains parts of the Exegesis so I get my fix from that.

I haven’t picked up my copy of this yet (I’m sure I will soon). I tend to buy all of my most desired books on the day of release.  If anyone would like to post mini-reviews in the comments or send a full length review, I will post (or allow) them here.

A Review Of Sorts Of The Mariner Books PKD Editions

PKD's The SimulacraWhen I saw the covers for the new Mariner Books set of Philip K Dick editions I was slightly offended. How dare anyone consider buying a PKD book without the “classic” vintage covers that I have first editions of all of them and that form the bedrock of my PKD collection consisting of every published piece of PKD writing? Why does someone think that the covers need changed or updated? Why break something that didn’t need fixing? I can see that the covers are more minimalist than the older set but I like the circuitry feel of almost all of them and the bold color selection. Recently I also saw the set of new editions and new covers for Raymond Carver’s fiction and I don’t like the new designs. Something just isn’t right and I can’t put my finger on it.

I can remember waiting Waiting WAITING for the book that I wanted to read to come back into print. Counter Clock World was the one I remember wanting to read the most and it was one of the last ones put back into print. By the time it was published, I had lost my desire to read it immediately and I still haven’t read it yet. Someday, I will. I don’t want to read all of Philip K. Dick’s books because then what new material would I have to look forward to (I’m excluding the Exegesis here.). AS far as I know all of his finished work has been published and that there are no hidden manuscripts that will appear.

I have created a page of Philip K. Dick’s Works In Print that will be a work in progress for the near future due to time constraints.