• 2012 Philip K. Dick discussed on To the best of our KNOWLEDGE. For More Information
  • 2011 Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis: A Conversation at Moe’s Books in Berkeley, CA. For More Information
  • 2011 “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick” presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. For More Information
  • 1981(April) Gregg Rickman interviewing Philip K. Dick for the first time Part One and Part Two
  • 1979 Interview Santa Ana with Charles Platt used for the book “The Dream Makers”
  • Philip K. Dick: A Work In Progress. This 42 minute tape of Philip K. Dick dictating notes about a proposed sequel to The Man In The High Castle was most likely recorded in August of 1974. It is from a tape released by the PKDS (PKD Society) to their members and was edited by Andy Watson. From the program notes:
    “PKD had an arm in a splint due to recent shoulder surgery, and was unable to write or type, so he dictated notes on his novel-in-progress into a tape recorder. The cassette from which this material is taken is labelled “Valisystem” and is 60 minutes long. All the material except the opening words is in the order in which it occurs on the tape. On both sides, noises have been left in except when they were so distracting or unpleasant that they interfered with the listenability. The book PKD was planning was a sequel to THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE; the writer protagonist referred to on the tape is Hawthorne Abendsen. The book was not written, but it evolved into RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH and VALIS. The notes for the book, as on this tape, evolved into the Exegesis.”
    Also, available as a .ram file.
  • Paul Williams Interviewing Philip K. Dick for his book “Only Apparently Real”. It is also from the flip side of the tape released by the PKDS (PKD Society) to their members and was edited by Andy Watson.

.ram, .ra, .rm

  • Elvis Costello on PKD. If you don’t have the Real Audio plug-in, click here for the .wav file.
  • A Day In the Afterlife of Philip K. Dick
    Here is the 57:20 minute streaming video of the BBC TV program, Arena. originally broadcast in April, 1994 this program features many revealing, insightful and humorous interviews with important characters in PKD’s life and celebrities. Check out the fake ads by Terry Gilliam and Elvis Costello!
    The following is a list of people who appear in “A Day In the Afterlife of PKD”:
    Terry Gilliam, Thomas A. Disch (sci-fi author), Philip K. Dick, Elvis Costello (musician), Kim Stanley Robinson (sci-fi author), Kleo Mini (PKD’s second wife), Brian Aldiss (author), Lawrence Sutin (PKD biographer), Barry Spatz (therapist), Paul Williams (journalist and friend), Anne Dick (PKD’s third wife), Tim Powers (friend), Tessa A. Dick, Fay Welden, Jim Blaylock (friend) and Russell Galen (manager).
  • Hour 25 Interview
    An interview with Philip K. Dick by Mike Hodel which aired on the science fiction themed radio show Hour 25. It is from 1977, just before A Scanner Darkly was released.
    The interview is divided into 3 parts.
    Part 1 (42 min.) -Why science fiction? The paradox of mainstream vs. sci-fi. On Deus Irae and researching a novel. On the I Ching and The Man In The High Castle. On A Scanner Darkly and character development. His popularity in Europe. The poverty of the beginning sci-fi writer with accounts of his own experiences.
    Part 2 (20 min.) – Phil reads an excerpt from A Scanner Darkly (this is great!). Sci-fi as a “silly putty” world. On which authors he likes and dislikes in science fiction.
    Part 3 (13 min.) – On winning the Campbell and Hugo awards. And much more…
    From Part 2: Listen to Phil reading an excerpt from A Scanner Darkly (3:38 min.)
  • X-Minus One: Colony This is a vintage radio broadcast of the Philip K. Dick story Colony on the show X-Minus One. The story first appeared in Galaxy magazine. This is an entertaining and nostalgic look at the science fiction tradition.
  • 1990 BBC “Omnibus” radio program about Philip K. Dick
    This is from a tape that was given to Paul Elliott by Ann Dick, when he and Joel Margot visited her one afternoon at her house (the one described in Confessions of a Crap Artist) in Point Reyes Station, in Marin County.
    This is apparently an off-the-air recording of a program that aired on November 4, 1990. You can listen to Greg Rickman, Ray Nelson, Paul Williams, Tim Powers, Jim Blaylock, and Ann Dick, among others, talk about PKD. The voice you hear speaking as PKD is NOT Phil’s. Also be aware that the sexual abuse theory stated by Rickman, and taken as fact by the interviewer, is not accepted by many of PKD’s friends and biographers.

Thanks to Paul Elliott, Neil Williams and Frank Bertrand for their generous contributions.



  • Link:
    The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick in association with Big Film Shorts is pleased to a special preview of the short film The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick. This is a five minute streaming video of the film’s trailer, prepared especially for film itself is a 20 minute short film available from Big Film Shorts. A darkly comic journey as seen through the paranoid eyes of science fiction genius Philip K. Dick (Brian Brophy). Set in the Berkeley of 1968 against a backdrop of worn-out radical chic, shrill Nixonian totalitarianism and hippie psychodelia, the film is a dizzy detective story about a man in search of his own sanity.
    Click here to find out more about The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick and to view the trailer.
  • Link:
    Look for The Defenders and Colony Broadcast
    X-Minus One:
    Classic Sci-Fi Old Time Radio
    These are two Real Audio recordings of broadcasts of Philip K. Dick short stories, The Defenders and The Colony. They are from an old radio program called X-Minus-One. This program is on the Protree web site but I enjoyed it so much that I had to put this link from Be sure to visit the Protree Old Time Radio Gallery for many more old time sci-fi radio broadcasts, many of them by Ray Bradbury.


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  1. I have a copy of the July, 1952 issue of Planet Stories and can confirm that illustration is the illustration on the first page of the “Beyond Lies The Wub” at page 69 of Planet Stories, July, 1952.

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