The Big Birthday Sale: Philip K. Dick eBook Sale

I was recently contacted by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to pass on this sale and other special offers in the to come. This offer ends soon so if you would like the eBook editions act fast. I should be notified earlier in the future.


Starting Monday (December 19th) for a limited time, all new eBook editions of PKD novels from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are only $3.99.

Available at all major retailers, including, Apple iBookstore,, Google eBookstore, and more.

Titles on sale include:

The Divine Invasion (9780547601199)
Lies, Inc. (9780547601212)
Now Wait for Last Year (9780547601298)
A Scanner Darkly (9780547601311)
The Simulacra (9780547601304)
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (9780547601328)
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer (9780547601335)
VALIS (9780547601342)

All titles are $3.99 from 12/19/2011-1/2/2011
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Philip K. Dick’s Top Novels

The other day while I was answering another comment, I found a comment from James on November 8 which I had intended to address but it slipped my mind.  (James, I apologize)

He asked:

james Says:
November 8th, 2011 at 11:26 am e
Quick question… his TOP 10 NOVELS, not novellas in your opinion ? I own & have read : Do Androids, Man in the High Castle, 3 Stigmata, & Ubik. What 6 should I add to my list ? Do you like any of the new, non fiction stuff being released ? i.e. His pre-sci-fi writing days ?
Lastly, whom do you think is his close second ? Asimov, William Gibson ?
Thanks for your time & knowledge… James

Here I need to admit to everyone that I have not read all of Philip K. Dick novels. So I can answer his question with the titles that I have read which one problem is that the only mainstream novels I have read are Confessions of a Crap Artist and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer.

One answer to the question I found on this page which list the top three novels from the long running survey that was conducted here. I don’t know if that one is related to the survey run in For Dickheads Only which is very similar.

So at the risk of beating a dead and rotting horse, I will list my favorite novels in order [from what novels I’ve read] each a link to for purchase or more information:

  1. VALIS
  2. Radio Free Albemuth
  3. The Man in the High Castle
  4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  5. Ubik
  6. A Scanner Darkly
  7. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
  8. Martian Time-Slip
  9. Galactic Pot-Healer
  10. Confessions of a Crap Artist

I love all the non fiction being released but I am behind on my reading. I haven’t been reading the Exegesis like everyone else even though I have a copy of it to read later.

I tend to like J.G. Ballard and Thomas Disch also for Science Fiction. I used to read more widely in Science Fiction and Fantasy but now I include a lot more contemporary writing and literature.

I think we all know that these types of lists can be controversial especially with my number one choice which is also my favorite book of all time. Feel free to add your own top ten list in the comments or discuss my selections.

The 2012 Philip K. Dick Calendars Are Here!

2012 Philip K. Dick CalendarThe tradition continues with the 2012 Philip K. Dick Calendar (available as a single pdf or the original Word documents). We hope that you enjoy them and will use them throughout the year.

The creation of the calendars involved effort mostly by Lord Running Clam plus some work by the web site developer and are available for free. If you are impressed with the result and would like to give something back, please use the donate box on the right hand column of this page (“Help Keep The Site Running”) or donate to the Paul Williams fund at

Brief Notes About Site Updates

I would like to encourage all fans of Philip K. Dick to check in on this site semi-regularly to see what is new because a lot of work has been spent bringing over old content and adding new content. So the site may seem to be more static now but actually much work has been happening. Articles, essays and criticism have been brought over from the old site so there items that may have been missed for the newer fans or even the older fans who weren’t able to read all the site’s content (and it was vast) before it was taken offline. Frank Views archives are being added and hopefully soon there will be new columns from Frank.

I have added a last updated widget so the users can see where I am working at the moment, what topic, what section, what page. Or the user can see when the last piece of new content has been added to the site.

Oh and volunteers are always welcome especially content writers!

Call for Papers: Worlds Out of Joint: Re-Imagining Philip K. Dick

An International Conference from 15-18 November, 2012 at TU Dortmund University, Germany

2012 sees the thirtieth anniversary of the untimely death, at the age of 53, of Philip K. Dick – a figure whose cultural impact within and beyond science fiction remains difficult to overestimate. Dick’s academic and popular reputation continues to grow, as a number of recent monographs, several biographies and an unceasing flow of film adaptations testify. Yet while his status as “The Most Brilliant Sci-Fi Mind on Any Planet” (Paul Williams) is rarely questioned, scholarly criticism of Dick has not kept pace with recent developments in academia – from transnationalism to adaptation studies, from the cultural turn in historiography to the material turn in the humanities. Too often Dick remains shrouded in clichés and myth. Indeed, rarely since the seminal contributions of Fredric Jameson and Darko Suvin have our engagements with Dick proved equal to the complexity of his writing – an oeuvre indebted to the pulps and Goethe, Greek philosophy and the Beats – that calls for renewed attempts at a history of popular culture. The aim of this conference is to contribute to such an undertaking.

At a time when mass protest against irrational economic, political and cultural orders is once again erupting around the world, the Dortmund conference will return to one of the major figures of the long American Sixties: to an author whose prophetic analyses of biopolitical capitalism and the neo-authorian surveillance state remain as pertinent as they were 30 years ago.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Marc Bould (University of the West of England, Bristol), Roger Luckhurst (Birbeck, University of London) and Norman Spinrad (New York/Paris).

Possible topics for panels and papers include but are in no way limited to:


  • The Realist Novels: What do Dick’s early realist novels add to our understanding of his work? In what relation do they stand to late modernist and realist U.S. literature? Can they be understood as Beat writing?
  • Transnational Approaches: Dick drew on various European and non-European cultures, and his SF worlds are highly transnational in their hybridity: What cultural transfers and transformations are evident in his work?
  • Dick’s Global Reception: Dick’s fiction has been widely translated – from Portuguese to Japanese, from Finnish to Hebrew. Yet we know little about his global reception. How has Dick’s work been read abroad, and transformed in translation? What has been his impact on SF outside America?
  • Dick and the SF Tradition: Critics have rarely engaged in-depth with Dick’s contribution to SF. What is Dick’s debt to the pulp magazines, to Robert Heinlein, A. E. van Vogt, or other SF authors? To what extent did Dick influence his contemporaries, and what does today’s SF owe to him?
  • Dick and Fandom: Long before his canonization as a literary figure, Dick was a cult author, and he retains a committed fan base. How has fandom shaped the way we read him? What role does Dick play in SF cultures of fandom today?
  • Narrative Structures and Aesthetics: Dick’s short fiction and novels are linked by common motifs, tropes and fictional devices. How do they shape his writing? His status as a popular writer has also meant that the aesthetic dimension of Dick’s fiction has often been neglected. How can it help us understand his work?
  • Dick and Mainstream Literature: Dick’s impact on ‘serious’ literature has often been posited but rarely analyzed. What do Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut or David Foster Wallace owe to Dick? What role have his writings played in the integration of SF into mainstream literature?
  • Adaptations: What makes Dick’s writing so attractive to filmmakers? How have these visual narratives changed our understanding of his work? Should we pay more attention to adaptations to other media – from opera to computer games?
  • The Letters and Journals: How do Dick’s letters and journals, as well as interviews with him change our understanding of his fiction?
  • The Final Novels: Dick’s late novels are gaining increasing attention, but critical evaluations vary widely. Are they evidence of a spiritual turn in Dick’s writing? How do they allow us to look at his work of the 1960s anew?
  • Dick and the Sixties: Recent scholarship drastically has changed our understanding of the Sixties. Does this necessitate a re-writing of Dick? What can we learn from the contradictions and achievements that shaped this era and Dick’s writing?
  • Dick and Global Capitalism: How do Dick’s analyses of global capitalism, mediatized politics and individualized consumer culture correspond to our own present?

Please send an abstract of no more than 500 words and a short biographical sketch to Stefan[dot]Schlensag[at]udo[dot]edu before 29 February 2012. Presenters will be asked to submit a full version of their 20-minute presentation by 31 August, and an electronic reader will be distributed before the conference to all participants. A selection of the papers given at the conference will be published in book form.

Conference Organizers:

Walter Grünzweig, Randi Gunzenhäuser, Sybille Klemm, Stefan Schlensag, Florian Siedlarek, (TU Dortmund University); Alexander Dunst (University of Potsdam) and Damian Podleśny (Krakow)

Conference Director and Contact:

Stefan Schlensag
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
TU Dortmund University
Emil-Figge-Straße 50
D-44227 Dortmund, Germany

2012 Philip K. Dick Festival

Philip K. Dick in 21st Century

The Largest Gathering of PKD Scholars and Fans Ever Assembled in North America, A Multi-disciplinary Celebration of the Legendary California Writer

2012 Philip K. Dick FestivalPhilip K. Dick is arguably one of the most important writers of the 21st century. Dick’s uncanny prescience not only foretold of our current surveillance technology and color-coded terror, but additionally captured the narcissism and psychological withdrawal that defines the early part of this new century. Considered at the time of his death to be little more than a genre writer, Dick’s burgeoning literary reputation was kindled by a handful of fans and scholars. With his recent canonization in the prestigious Library of America and the 2011 publication of Dick’s esoteric religious notes, The Exegesis, now is the time to examine Dick’s influence and how he became such an important literary figure. The Bay Area, home to Dick for the majority of his lifetime, is also the perfect location for the event, allowing fans and scholars to step into Dick’s own past and retrace his steps in this vibrant city by the bay. Sept 22-23, 2012 will be a weekend long celebration and examination of Dick’s life and work.

The conference’s guest of honor will be none other than Jonathan Lethem, the editor for Philip K Dick’s three volumes from the prestigious Library of America, an editor of The Exegesis of Philip K Dick (from Houghton Mifflin), and a celebrated novelist in his own right. Lethem currently holds the Roy E. Disney Chair in Creative Writing at Pomona College and his writing about Philip K Dick appears in his essay collections The Disappointment Artist, and The Ecstasy of Influence.

Other confirmed guests include: Pam Jackson (Editor, Philip K Dick’s Exegesis), Erik Davis (Annotations Editor for the recent publication of The Exegesis), John Simon (director of Radio Free Albemuth), Sam Umland (Chair of English Department at University of Nebraska Kearney and author of Contemporary Critical Interpretations: Philip K Dick), Douglas Mackey (author of Philip K Dick, Twayne’s United States Author Series), Umberto Rossi (independent scholar and author of The Twisted Worlds of Philip K Dick), Marc Haefele (an Assistant Editor at Doubleday who worked with Philip K Dick on his masterpiece novels Ubik and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), William Sarill (a longtime friend of Philip K Dick who helped Dick develop the religious system in his novel A Maze of Death), and many, many more.

Stay tuned for more information about the schedule and lodging in San Francisco. If you are interested in either presenting or attending, please contact conference organizer, David Gill: dcgill[at]sfsu[dot]edu. We are currently looking for speakers to give cogent and plain-spoken presentations on the following aspects of Dick’s life and work:

  1. Biographical
  2. Literary Criticism
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Cinematic Translations
  5. Sociology and Psychology
  6. Religion and Philosophy

Review: Clans of the Alphane Moon (1964)

In the comments section, please add your your review, your criticism or a link to as post when you have much more to write than would fit in a comment.


Clans of the Alphane Moon issue of
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