The 2012 Philip K. Dick Calendars Are Here!

2012 Philip K. Dick CalendarThe tradition continues with the 2012 Philip K. Dick Calendar (available as a single pdf or the original Word documents). We hope that you enjoy them and will use them throughout the year.

The creation of the calendars involved effort mostly by Lord Running Clam plus some work by the web site developer and are available for free. If you are impressed with the result and would like to give something back, please use the donate box on the right hand column of this page (“Help Keep The Site Running”) or donate to the Paul Williams fund at

7 thoughts on “The 2012 Philip K. Dick Calendars Are Here!

  1. I continue to be chagrined by the lack of kudos and accolades for his eminence Sir Lord Running Clam, to recognize the ongoing effort on his part for Philip K. Dick. Not only is he responsible for the ingenious and creative calendar but at least one PKD fanzine and numerous article and essays over the years.

    WHY is it that individuals like him continue to go unnoticed???

    PKD fans are, after all, responsible for PKD’s early and current “success.”
    Not academics. Not hollywood. You did know that, didn’t you???

  2. More than an asset, a veritable ubiquitous icon for what fans can accomplish. I’m sure somewhere out there exists a splendid crystal statue depicting his royal eminence, Sir Lord Running Clam, with a copy of PKD Otaku in one pseudopod…

  3. Thanks for all the kind words. I did, indeed, use PKD cover pix from all over the world for this calendar. It was fun to make it up and the main problem was getting it all to fit on 2 pages (in .doc format). We should also note here the excellent contributions to PKD fandom over the years by Perry Kinman in his Japanese outpost. Perry did most of the work on the calendar entries and I did the pix. Thanks, Perry!

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