Journals and Fanzines

For Dickheads Only (by Dave Hyde)

Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter (Due to copyright reasons these issues are not available online.) (by Paul Williams)

PKD Otaku (by Patrick Clark)

Simulacrum Meltdown (by Patrick Clark)

Radio Free PKD (Due to possible copyright reasons these issues are not available online.) (by Greg Lee)

3 thoughts on “Journals and Fanzines

  1. Do you have an update on the availability of the PKD newsletters by Paul Williams? I am trying to find on line an article I published there. Thanks!

  2. I have all issues of the PKDS Newsletter and could scan your article and email you a copy of that article. Since contributors retained the copyright in their contributions and this is explictly stated in the issues the Trust is unlikely to threaten to sue me over this. You can contact me by subscribing to the group website I listed. Membership is moderated due to spambots so I’ll get a notification when you sign up. I will want some way to verify your identity to avoid potential copyright problems but don’t think that will be a problem. If nothing else, I suspect we have a mutual aquaintance who can verify your email address. Hope you ticked the box to be notified of follow-up comments by email or else that you check this page occasionally.

    Don’t let the website/group name concern you. I won’t expect any trade for the scan; that’s just the easiest way I can think of for you to contact me without my posting an email address in a public spot.

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