Philip K. Dick’s Final Interview
A final interview with science fiction’s boldest visionary, who talks candidly about Blade Runner, inner voices and the temptations of Hollywood. Transcribed in two parts from Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 3, June 1982.

Horselover Fat and The New Messiah” 1981 Interview with Philip K. Dick conducted by John Boonstra. Hartford Advocate April 22, 1981. Valis, The Divine Invasion and PKD’s personal and professional lives are among the topics in this revealing interview. (February, 2007)

Phil K. Dick Interview Slash, May 1980. A stream of consciousness discussion about the politics of the day. (February, 2007)

Philip K. Dick on Philosophy: A Brief Interview
Conducted by Frank Bertrand by mail in January 1980. This interview also appears in The Shifting Realities of Philip Dick. This is the debut of the interview on the Internet.

Hour 25: A Talk With Philip K. Dick An interview with Philip K. Dick by Mike Hodel which aired on the science fiction themed radio show Hour 25. It is from 1977, just before A Scanner Darkly was released.

Internet Exclusive – Published here for the first time! An Interview with Philip K. Dick By Nita J. Petrunio. Thanks to Frank and Claudia Krenz Bush for sharing this unique conversation with Phil. 

Internet Exclusive –
An Interview With Philip K. Dick From Science Fiction Review by Daniel DePerez. From 1976, a rare interview in which Dick discusses his work and career, politics and much more. (Large file – 50K but worth it!)

Internet Exclusive –
Vertex Interview with Philip K. Dick By Arthur Byron Cover. Conducted in 1974, this is the first interview with the author to appear in English. A must-read.

1971 Interview With Philip K. Dick  Arranged by Loren Cavit, Redwood High School, Larkspur, California. A discussion of the short story “Roog.” (February, 2007)

Interview with Tod Machover
Composer of the Valis Opera based on the Philip K. D
ick novel. Machover discusses the forces which led to the creation of this piece and Philip K. Dick’s influence on his work. Transcribed by Frank Bertrand.

On Diaphragms, Ontology and Philip K. Dick: An Interview with Andrew M. Butler by Frank C. Bertrand – An interview with the author of the new Pocket Essentials book on Philip K. Dick.

Philip K. Dick: Confessions Of A SF Artist by George Cain and Dana Longo. Interview conducted circa Sep/Oct 1980. Published in Denver Clarion, October 23, 1980. Thanks to Frank Bertrand for re-discovering this old interview.

Interview with Pierre-Paul Durastanti – Philip K. Dick French Translator interview by Frank Bertrand, June 2001.

Interview with Linda Hartinian and Frier McCollister – A 1999 radio interview with the director and producer of the Flow My Tears The Policeman Said stage play. Transcribed by Frank Bertrand.

Divinely Inspired: Andrew Tidmarsh talks to Lawrence Sutin, Biographer of Philip K. Dick – Andrew Tidmarsh talks to Lawrence Sutin, biographer of Philip K. Dick. From Interzone, Feb. 1992, contributed by Frank Bertrand.

The Minority Report on ‘Minority Report’: A Conversation with Gary Goldman – Exclusive interview with ‘Minority Report’ Executive Producer Gary Goldman (also the co-screenwriter of ‘Total Recall’).

Q & A with Isa Hackett, daughter of Philip K. Dick

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  1. I have an interview I did with Philip K Dick on December 23, 1971 at his home in Santa Venetia, CA. There is a transcript of the 2 1/2 hour interview on my website james I would like to be listed on and linked to your interview page. It’s a fun interview and I’ve wanted to share it with the PKD aficionados for quite a while. I just finished going public with my website. I made the interview for a radio series I planned to do on KZSU the Stanford University radio station. The history of the tapes is interesting and eventually I’ll get around to writing a post about it. Check the transcript and listen to the audio excerpts and get back to me if you’re interested.

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