For Dickheads Only (FDO)

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For Dickheads Only 7 (Web Version)

A special edition of FDO on BLADE RUNNER 2 – K. W. Jeter’s followup novel

For Dickheads Only 6 (Eye In The Sky)

For Dickheads Only 5 (“The “Beyond Lies The Wub” Issue”)

For Dickheads Only 4 (Solar Lottery)

For Dickheads Only 3 (The Cosmic Puppets)

For Dickheads Only 2 (The World Jones Made)

For Dickheads Only 1 (Clans Of The Alphane Moon)

5 thoughts on “For Dickheads Only (FDO)

  1. Im looking forward to Channel 4 10 part series of PK Dick stories starting this Sunday in the UK! Its called Electric Dreams.

  2. In present tense and first person, write the introduction of the autobiography of Philip K. Dick reanimated in 2022 as a cyberpunk android. Philip is excited his simulation theory is correct. He is very excited to write about what he experienced in the 40 years he experienced without a body. He will producing films of his earlier and current writings. He and the reanimated consciousness of Carl Jung will be programming their own bot similar to ChatGPT:

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