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These Philip K. Dick stories come from Project Gutenberg and are stories that were written early in his career.  For more reading formats, visit that site.  Only html and text are provided here.

Beyond Lies the Wub html text
Beyond the Door html text
Mr. Spaceship html text
Piper in the Woods html text
Second Variety html text
The Crystal Crypt html text
The Defenders html text
The Eyes Have It html text
The Gun html text
The Skull html text
The Variable Man html text


This title was found on Wikisource by a reader of this site.

Adjustment Team pdf


This title was found on SFFaudio by a fan.

Upon The Dull Earth html

3 thoughts on “Short Stories Online

  1. The text of “Adjustment Team” with images of the original magazine illustrations is available at Clicking Source will allow viewing the original magazine scan in .djvu (may require browser plugin) for those who want something closer to the original magazine reading experience. Only two stories published in Orbit, Sept.-Oct., 1954 had their copyrights validly renewed and the rest of that issue may be scanned and uploaded later.

    Uploading of more US public domain PKD stories to Wikimedia Foundation sites is anticipated if Project Gutenberg remains slow to produce more of the texts; focus is expected to be on 1954 works which were deceptively given the appearance of having their copyrights renewed by including nonexistent works with same titles in Copyright Renewal Registration RE0000190631. For reference see thimblerig comment at which has an apparently accurate listing of which works listed are demonstrably false and what are the true first publications of the PKD stories with the corresponding titles.

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