Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light cover
Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light
– Originally published in paperback in 1975, Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light by Angus Taylor was one of the first extended critical examinations of Philip K. Dick’s work. This reformatted digital version features Cora Lee Healy‘s illustrations from the original edition. The essay is made available here with the author’s permission.


Patrick Clark has been kind enough to contribute these three articles to Be sure to check out his excellent PKD web zine PKD OTAKU


The Tangled History of The Unteleported Man Compiled by Patrick Clark

Afterword to Valis by Kim Stanley Robinson. From Thrust 1998, contributed by Frank Bertrand.

Philip K. Dick by 1975: Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said – by George Turner, contributed by Frank Bertrand. Reprinted with permission from Philip K. Dick: Electric Shepherd.

Four Levels of Reality in Philip K. Dick’s Time Out of Joint – An essay originally published in Extrapolation, Summer 1998. Translated from French and used with permission.

Is The Eye In Sky The Author’s?: An examination of Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth by Steve Sneyd. Originally published in UK’s Terrible Work, #1, Spring 1993.

Philip K. Dick: The Real Thing– by Bruce Gillespie. This article first appeared in SF Commentary 9 from Feb. of 1970 and was reprinted in Philip K. Dick: Electric Shepherd edited by Bruce. Here you will find some great insights into PKD’s fiction.

The Non-Science Fiction Novels Of Philip K. Dick (1928–82) – The transcription of a talk by Bruce Gillespie about some of Phil’s overlooked fiction.

Who Are The Toymakers?: An essay on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner – An essay on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner
by Hrafnhildur Blöndal

The Relationship Between Humans and Machines: Through the Eyes of Philip K. Dick – An analyis by Eli Eisenberger (May, 2005)

The “postface” — “afterword” we’d say in the States — to Le Prisme du Neant, the French translation of Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, entitled published by Le Masque in 1975.

A Not-So Distant Voice: My Brief Encounter With (the spirit of) Philip K. Dick – A True Story by Jason Koornick

I was looking for UBIK at AltaVista … Relections on correspondance with Philip K. Dick by Claudia Krenz


Philip K. Dick’s Human Vision Originally:
By Kyla Bremner

The Apocalyptic Vision of Philip K. Dick Originally:
By Steven Best and Douglas Kellner

Blade Runner: A Diagnostic Critique Originally:
By Douglas Kellner, Flo Leibowitz and Michael Ryan

Critical Essay #1 Originally:
By Colin Austin

The Man In The High Castle: Meaning Originally:
By Laura Campbell

Dickian Time in The Man In The High Castle Originally:
By Laura Campbell

Plotlines in The Man In The High Castle/a> Originally:
By Laura Campbell

Dreams of Postmodernism and Thoughts of Mortality: A 25th Anniversary Retrospective of Blade Runner Originally:
By David C. Ryan

Through A Scanner Darkly: Neuropsychology and psychosis in Philip K. Dick’s novel A Scanner Darkly Originally:
By V. Bell

Extreme Surveillance and Preventive Justice: Narration and Spectacularity in Minority Report Originally:
By Noemi Novell

A Real Gnostic Gospel: The Fiction of Philip K. Dick Originally:
By John Garvey

Special thanks to Frank Bertrand for providing this list above.

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