Links Related to Philip K. Dick

Frank Bertrand provided this list of related web pages

Older List of Links Related to Philip K. Dick – The list of links from the old site so they may be some that are dead or outdated.

Andre Welling’s GREAT BIG LIST of Philip K. Dick Related Links – This project has all the trappings of a real-life PKD techno-fantasy. Check it out (large file – 300K).

4 thoughts on “Links Related to Philip K. Dick

  1. is a link well worth adding. SSFaudio focuses on audio materials and matters but isn’t restricted to them and has a bit of an anticensorship political focus. The site is coming up with a lot of PKD treasures lately as well as many treasures by his contemporary SF writers which helps create some degree of useful temporal social, cultural and genre context for “younger” readers of PKD and other SF authors active around the same time period.

  2. Gregg Margarite of LibriVox, Iambik Audio, The Drama Pod, and SFFaudio has died.
    An announcement of this sad news is at

    Two of Gregg Margarite’s last ten uploaded recordings were stories by Philip K. Dick according to his “blog”, Acoustic Pulp ~ audio books by Gregg Margarite ( SFFaudio podcast #153 is his reading of “Small Town” followed by a discussion which I strongly reccomend.

    Latest uploads – The 10 most recent recordings are:

    Small Town – Philip K. Dick

    Eight O’Clock In The Morning – Ray Nelson

    Gods of the North – Robert E. Howard

    Accessory Before the Fact – Algernon Blackwood

    Couch – Benjamin Parzybok

    Adjustment Team – Philip K. Dick

    Thought You Were Dead – Terry Griggs

    Make Mine Homogenized – Rick Raphael

    Fables in Slang – George Ade

    Asteroid of Fear – Raymond Z. Gallun

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