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Novels With Publication Dates

The Broken Bubble (1988)
Clans of the Alphane Moon (1964)
Confessions of a Crap Artist (1975)
The Cosmic Puppets (1957)
Counter-Clock World (1967)
The Crack in Space (1966)
Deus Irae (with Roger Zelazny) (1976)
The Divine Invasion (1981)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb (1965)
Dr. Futurity (1960)
Eye in the Sky (1957)
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (1974)
Galactic Pot-Healer (1969)
The Game-Players of Titan (1963)
The Ganymede Takeover (with Ray Nelson) (1967)
Gather Yourselves Together (1994)
Humpty Dumpty in Oakland (1986)
In Milton Lumky Territory (1985)
The Man in the High Castle (1962)
The Man Who Japed (1956)
The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (1984)
Martian Time-Slip (1964)
Mary and the Giant (1987)
A Maze of Death (1970)
Nick and the Glimmung (1988)
Now Wait for Last Year (1966)
Our Friends from Frolix 8 (1970)
The Penultimate Truth (1964)
Puttering About in a Small Land (1985)
Radio Free Albemuth (1985)
A Scanner Darkly (1977)
The Simulacra (1964)
Solar Lottery (1955)
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965)
Time Out of Joint (1959)
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer (1982)
Ubik (1969)
The Unteleported Man (as Lies, Inc. (1984)) (1966)
VALIS (1981)
Voices from the Street (2007)
Vulcan’s Hammer (1960)
We Can Build You (1972)
The World Jones Made (1956)
The Zap Gun (1967)


Short Stories With Publication Dates


Beyond Lies the Wub
The Gun
The Little Movement
The Skull
The Variable Man


The Builder
The Commuter
The Cookie Lady
The Cosmic Poachers
The Defenders
The Eyes Have It
The Great C (adapted into the novel Deus Irae)
The Hanging Stranger
The Impossible Planet
The Indefatigable Frog
The Infinites
The King of the Elves
Martians Come in Clouds
Mr. Spaceship
Out in the Garden
Piper in the Woods
Planet for Transients
The Preserving Machine
Project: Earth
Second Variety
Some Kinds of Life
Tony and the Beetles
The Trouble with Bubbles
The World She Wanted


Adjustment Team
Beyond the Door
Breakfast at Twilight
The Crawlers
The Crystal Crypt
Exhibit Piece
The Father-thing
The Golden Man
James P. Crow
Jon’s World
The Last of the Masters (aka Protection Agency)
Of Withered Apples
A Present for Pat
Prize Ship
Prominent Author
Sales Pitch
Shell Game
The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford
Small Town
Strange Eden
Survey Team
Time Pawn
The Turning Wheel
Upon the Dull Earth
A World of Talent


Captive Market
The Chromium Fence
Foster, You’re Dead!
The Hood Maker
Human Is
The Mold of Yancy
Psi-man Heal My Child!
Service Call
A Surface Raid
Vulcan’s Hammer
War Veteran


A Glass of Darkness
The Minority Report
Pay for the Printer
To Serve the Master


The Unreconstructed M




Explorers We
Fair Game
Recall Mechanism
War Game


All We Marsmen
The Days of Perky Pat
If There Were No Benny Cemoli
What’ll We Do With Ragland Park?


Cantata 140
A Game of Unchance
The Little Black Box
Novelty Act
Oh, to be a Blobel!
Orpheus with Clay Feet
Precious Artifact
The Unteleported Man
The War with the Fnools
What the Dead Men Say


Project Plowshare
Retreat Syndrome


Holy Quarrel
We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday


Faith of Our Fathers
Return Match


Not By Its Cover
The Story To End All Stories


A. Lincoln, Simulacrum
The Electric Ant


Cadbury, the Beaver Who Lacked


The Different Stages of Love
The Pre-persons
A Little Something For Us Tempunauts


The Exit Door Leads In


I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon (Originally titled Frozen Journey.)
Rautavaara’s Case
Chains of Air, Web of Aether


The Alien Mind


Strange Memories Of Death


The Day Mr. Computer Fell Out of Its Tree
The Eye of The Sibyl
Fawn, Look Back


Goodbye, Vincent


Menace React (fragment)


Non-Fiction With Publication Dates

The Dark Haired Girl (1988)
The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick: Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings (1995)
The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, Jonathan Lethem and Pamela Jackson, eds. (2011)

The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1938–1971 (1996)
The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1972–1973 (1994)
The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1974 (1991)
The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1975–1976 (1993)
The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1977–1979 (1993)
The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1980–1982 (2010)


For More Information

The best primary source bibliography that I have seen online is in Wikipedia:

The best secondary source bibliography I have seen (and thanks to Umberto Rossi) I have been reminded of

VALBS (Vast Active Living Bibliographic System) Secondary Texts on PKD

which I haven’t looked through in some time and had forgotten about it.

The most complex with covers shots and publication editions is

The Philip K. Dick Bookshelf

which overwhelms me with the amount of data there when I look at it.

9 thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. You seem to be missing a batch of 1955 short stories according to the Copyright Office Catalog. Must be those pesky duplicate titles of 1954 and 1955 like two “Adjustment Team”s and two “Shell Game”s. That is so confusing I can’t imagine why PKD would have written and published over 20 stories with titles he’d already used for other stories. I bet The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick could be expanded to six volumes if it were to include the 1955 stories with titles that duplicate titles of 1954 stories.

    Public Catalog
    Copyright Catalog (1978 to present)
    Search Request: Left Anchored Title = adjustment team
    Search Results: Displaying 4 of 8 entries
    Previous Next
    Detailed Record

    [War veteran, and other contributions.] By Philip K. Dick.
    Type of Work: Serial
    Registration Number / Date: RE0000190631 / 1983-11-22
    Title: [War veteran, and other contributions.] By Philip K. Dick.
    Copyright Claimant: Laura Coelho, Christopher Dick & Isa Dick (C)
    Contributions: (In If: worlds of science fiction, Mar. 1955) War veteran. Pub. 1955-01-10; B00000513322.
    (In Galaxy science fiction, Mar. 1955) Shell game. Pub. 1955-01-21; B00000515180.
    (In Planet stories, spring 1955) James P. Crow. Pub. 1955-02-07; B00000518882.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, Apr. 1955) Captive market. Pub. 1955-02-10; B00000518554.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, Apr. 1955) The Golden man. Pub. 1955-02-10; B00000518554.
    (In Amazing stories, May 1955) Small town. Pub. 1955-02-10; B00000530393.
    (In Fantastic universe, May 1955) Survey team. Pub. 1955-03-08; B00000525432.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, May 1955) Foster, you’re dead. Pub. 1955-03-10; B00000525292.
    (In Beyond science fiction, no. 10) Upon the dull earth. Pub. 1955-03-10; B00000524929.
    (In Science fiction stories, May 1955) The Turning wheel. Pub. 1955-03-14; B00000531302.
    (In Startling stories, spring 1955) Nanny. Pub. 1955-03-15; B00000524977.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, June 1955) Prominent author. Pub. 1955-04-12; B00000530256.
    (In Imagination, stories of science and fantasy, June 1955) The Hood maker. Pub. 1955-04-28; B00000531424.
    (In Future magazine, June 1955) Sales pitch. Pub. 1955-05-25; B00000558106.
    (In Amazing stories, July 1955) Breakfast at twilight. Pub. 1955-04-07; B00000531095.
    (In Uncanny tales, July 1955) Of withered apples. Pub. 1955-05-06; B00000540363.
    (In Fantastic universe, July 1955) A Surface raid. Pub. 1955-05-06; B00000533924.
    (In Science fiction stories, July 1955) Jon’s world. Pub. 1955-05-13; B00000534709.
    (In Science fiction stories, July 1955) Service call. Pub. 1955-05-13; B00000534709.
    (In Imagination, stories of science and fantasy, July 1955) The Chromium fence. Pub. 1955-05-26; B00000538358.
    (In Imagination, stories of science and fantasy, July 1955) The Crawlers. Pub. 1955-05-26; B00000538358.
    (In Startling stories, summer 1955) Time pawn. Pub. 1955-06-14; B00000540374.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, Aug. 1955) The Mold of Yancy. Pub. 1955-06-14; B00000539794.
    (In Galaxy science fiction, Aug. 1955) A World of talent. Pub. 1955-06-20; B00000540134.
    (In Imaginative tales, Sept. 1955) Adjustment team. Pub. 1955-07-07; B00000542735.
    (In Fantastic universe, Oct. 1955) Souvenir. Pub. 1955-08-04; B00000548922.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, Oct. 1955) Progeny. Pub. 1955-08-10; B00000552979.
    (In Startling stories, fall 1955) Human is. Pub. 1955-09-13; B00000552873.
    (In Future, Oct. 1955) Meddler. Pub. 1955-09-27; B00000559886.
    (In Imaginative tales, Nov. 1955) The Last of the masters. Pub. 1955-09-01; B00000552340.
    (In Imaginative tales, Nov. 1955) Psi-man, heal my child! Pub. 1955-09-01; B00000552340.
    (In Galaxy science fiction, Nov. 1955) Autofac. Pub. 1955-10-10; B00000557226.
    (In Imagination science fiction, Dec. 1955) Strange Eden. Pub. 1955-09-29; B00000556441.
    (In If: worlds of science fiction, Dec. 1955) Exhibit piece. Pub. 1955-10-11; B00000558541.
    (In Magazine of fantasy & science fiction, Dec. 1955) The Father-thing. Pub. 1955-10-19; B00000561171.
    (In Fantastic universe, Jan. 1956) Minority report. Pub. 1955-11-10; B00000565461.
    (In Imagination science fiction, Feb. 1956) To serve the master. Pub. 1955-12-01; B00000566198.

    Other Title: If: worlds of science fiction, Mar. 1955
    Galaxy science fiction, Mar. 1955
    Planet stories, spring 1955
    If: worlds of science fiction, Apr. 1955
    The Golden man.
    Amazing stories, May 1955
    Fantastic universe, May 1955
    If: worlds of science fiction, May 1955
    Beyond science fiction, no. 10
    The Turning wheel.
    Science fiction stories, May 1955
    Startling stories, spring 1955
    If: worlds of science fiction, June 1955
    The Hood maker.
    Imagination, stories of science and fantasy, June 1955
    Future magazine, June 1955
    Amazing stories, July 1955
    Uncanny tales, July 1955
    A Surface raid.
    Fantastic universe, July 1955
    Science fiction stories, July 1955
    The Chromium fence.
    Imagination, stories of science and fantasy, July 1955
    The Crawlers.
    Startling stories, summer 1955
    The Mold of Yancy.
    If: worlds of science fiction, Aug. 1955
    A World of talent.
    Galaxy science fiction, Aug. 1955
    Imaginative tales, Sept. 1955
    Fantastic universe, Oct. 1955
    If: worlds of science fiction, Oct. 1955
    Startling stories, fall 1955
    Future, Oct. 1955
    The Last of the masters.
    Imaginative tales, Nov. 1955
    Galaxy science fiction, Nov. 1955
    Imagination science fiction, Dec. 1955
    If: worlds of science fiction, Dec. 1955
    The Father-thing.
    Magazine of fantasy & science fiction, Dec. 1955
    Fantastic universe, Jan. 1956
    Imagination science fiction, Feb. 1956
    Names: Dick, Philip K.
    Coelho, Laura
    Dick, Christopher
    Dick, Isa,4&Search_Arg=adjustment%20team&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=25&PID=WjCmxXXlFY9wZq0Eg7RZNZQWGUUP&SEQ=20120124151523&SID=1

  2. “Strange Memories Of Death” belongs in the Non-Fiction section. IMO at this moment, the title uses death as metaphor for change in the manner of references to the death of seasons, eras, empires and so on. Regardless, the story is an insight-providing autobiographical snippet centered on the conversion of PKD’s Santa Ana apartment building from apartment units to condominium units which addresses multiple matters in relatively few pages.

    I may have some interesting previously unpublished discussion about the story and related matters from a taped 1992 discussion with Tim Powers which could be converted to mp3 from cassette. If there is interest I can try doing this when I find the time and let the webmaster decide if it is interesting enough to use on the website.

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