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May 1963

Dec 1963





1963 TGPOT ACE 1st 1963 ACE, pb, F-251, Dec 1963, 191pp, $0.40, (Jack Gaughan)
1969 IMAGE333.JPG (3319 bytes) Sphere, pb, 2957-2, May 1969, 157pp, 5/- (?)


    With a bundle of short stories completed by the Spring of 1963 Dick again turned to the novel, writing what would become in many reader’s eyes his follow-up to the fame of the Hugo Award: THE GAME-PLAYERS OF TITAN.

    This novel was written, most likely, in May of 1963 and the manuscript reached the Agency on Jun 4, 1963. The story was published by Ace Books as a full-size paperback novel on Dec 12, 1963. This publishing date thus preceding that of the paperback edition of THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE in Jan 1964.

    It is unfortunate that there are so few public records on THE GAME-PLAYERS OF TITAN; we have from Dick himself only a 1965 letter to Scott Meredith in which PKD complains about Don Wollheim and the expansion of THE UNTELEPORTED MAN. He mentions THE GAME-PLAYERS OF TITAN in passing:

    And the "far-out" elements which I added {to THE UNTELEPORTED MAN}, which were not there in the original, i.e., all which Don objects to, were necessary if the piece became a true novel and not merely a longer story. There is a real irony here, too, because a much better case could be made against my additions than the one Don chose to make; fundamentally, the additions follow the lines laid down in my Ace novel THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN, which Don nominated for the Hugo….

    Alas, that’s all we have. No one seems to have commented on THE GAME-PLAYERS OF TITAN. And I cannot confirm that Don Wollheim nominated the novel for the Hugo.

    The novel itself is set on Earth after a war with the Titanian ‘Vugs’. A greatly reduced population plays formalized Monopoly-like territorial games designed to increase the population. But when the Vugs horn in on the action and a group of Terrans find themselves playing for ultimate survival, things get interesting. A bit confusing, perhaps, but THE GAME-PLAYERS OF TITAN is worth

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PKDS-2 10:

THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN was published Dec 12, 1963

SL-38 19: PKD to Scott Meredith, May 22, 1965. Copy to Don Wollheim, Ace Books Inc.

Collector's Notes

Phildickian: THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN, Ace, pb, F251, 1963. VG+ $25

Phildickian: THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN, Ace, pb, 27310, 1972. VG+ $10

Phildickian: THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN, Vintage, tp, 1991. FINE $10

Rudy's Books: THE GAME PLAYERS OF TITAN, Ace, pb, F251, 1963. VG-F $25

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