The Man in the High Castle Pilot

Among the new shows for this round of Amazon Pilot Season is an adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, a beloved and highly regarded Philip K. Dick novel. Anyone who wants to watch the pilot may and then complete a survey about how much they liked to show.

I had lost track of the development of this series; the last news I had read was the this was going to be produced on the BBC some time ago and I was surprised to read only recently that it was a pilot that is considering as a series.

My hope is that even if the series isn’t produced at least some viewers will be intrigued by what they saw and seek out the novel. I definitely see as very likely if only the pilot is produced and even more likely and hopefully in more numbers if the series is created. My gateway to discovering the work of Philip K. Dick was through the film Blade Runner. In a undergraduate film course on Post-Modern Film, I selected a paper topic to compare the novel (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) to the film adaption.

Actually, I should state that my hope is that this pilot leads to a series. The writer, Frank Spotnitz, worked on the X-Files and the Executive Producer is Ridley Scott who directed Blade Runner, arguably one of the best adaptations of of Philip K. Dick’s work.

So please watch, enjoy it and send in a positive survey response to the pilot. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews and press about this pilot so I’m very optimistic that it will be made into a series.

The Third Philip K. Dick Film Festival January 15-18, 2015 in New York City

Apologies for the late notice; this event snuck up on me.

The Third Annual Philip K. Dick International Film Festival of Science Fiction, Fantastic Film, Science and the Supernatural will be held on January 16, 17, and 18 2015 at Tribeca Cinemas, Cervantes Institute and other venues in New York City.

For more information, visit the film festival’s web site:

The Philip K. Dick Film Festival

Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light Essay Updated By The Author

Angus Taylor has reformatted his essay Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light. This includes changing the typeface and margins to make the essay more attractive and easier to read, and also adding more illustrations by Cora Lee Healy from the original 1975 booklet.

Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light cover
Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light
– Originally published in paperback in 1975, Philip K. Dick and the Umbrella of Light by Angus Taylor was one of the first extended critical examinations of Philip K. Dick’s work. This reformatted digital version features Cora Lee Healy’s illustrations from the original edition. The essay is made available here with the author’s permission.