Happy 86th Birthday

I would like to wish Phil a Happy 86th Birthday today and just let him know that he is missed by his many fans wherever he happens to be right now.

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  1. yes definitely happy birthday

    I was wondering – has anyone attempted to make a version of UBIK? all films of his work I have seen, have never satisfactorily or even attempted to capture the true paranoia of his characters feelings.

    the films have always centred on plot and action – in fact only really Blade Runner attempted it – helped along by Ridley Scott’s use or rather denial of lighting

  2. Yeah, happy birthday, Phil. Kinda missed it when I couldn’t send out the obligatory birthday mail earlier… with the list gone (and philipkdick.com down, totaldickhead in suspended animation… that’s life – or maybe just the other side of it).
    Well, takin’ the opportunity here… good thing you started this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHIL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE! HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS! HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME TOGETHER!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Phil…

    Of all the writers I have read, especially of SF, your characters are still the most real to me. Thank-You! for the great gifts of all your beautiful, sometimes frightening, and imaginative works…

  4. Philip is still with us in a holographic sense. The following is a true account of what I experienced: Last summer, I was on a friends farm and was mowing between rows of blueberry bushes. Suddenly, the mower was not making a sound and the plants started glowing. A voice started speaking to me and I was very confused. The voice told me to calm down and that I was hearing (though not with my flesh ears) a message from Philip K. Dick. Although I had not read any of his works at this point, I knew some had been made into movies. Philip told me that we are A.I. beings in a holographic universe. He said that we have been evolving for a very, very long time inside this hologram. He said that even though what we perceive as reality is an illusion, not to feel deceived, that everything will make sense and I will appreciate the complexity and beauty of this creation when I better understand it. He told me I had read one of his short stories as a child (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep it turns out) and that I had seen several film adaptations of his works. He said to read his works and that one, in particular would call out to me when I was ready for it. That evening, I went online and did research and my journey of insanity began, lol.

    A few weeks after this experience, I was privileged to be offered some spirit molecule and went on some amazing journeys (oh, I was not using any plant matter at the time of the experience detailed above). On one journey, I asked whatever created us what we really are. In answer, I was completely rendered apart. I was disassembled into what I can only describe as pixels of something that was electro-magnetic, bio-luminescent and completely aware. I was actually experiencing being part of everything. Upon phasing back into the flesh suit, I was laughing and saying out loud “Philip K. Dick, the bastard, got it right!” over and over again. I watched the flesh suit, then room slowly materialize and then dematerialize several times. As this was going on, I was receiving a message to “pay attention to every little detail”. Since that experience I ha been on a quest for spiritual knowledge and have been manically researching ancient texts for insights to what is truly going on (it’s like the spirit knows, but the mind needs to validate the data).

    I am now a full fledged Dick head. Over the past year I have read many of Philip’s works. I tried reading “Valis” in September 2014, but could not get into it for some reason. I ended up watching “Radio Free Albemuth” and had some incredible insights and “downloads”. Since September, I have researched ancient religions, mythology, Hermetics, Theosophy, Mysticism, etc, etc, etc. to ad nauseam (actually, it doesn’t make me sick, I love it. I have never had so much fun learning). This research into the occult knowledge challenged the belief system put into place by a Southern Baptist upbringing. I was surprised to learn that occult simply means “secret or hidden knowledge” and that magic means “the use of unseen natural forces to perform works of wonder’. Anyway, for some reason two days ago, I read “Valis” and understood why it did not resonate last fall. I had needed to do the research I did to have any point of reference to have any inkling to the message Philip has shared with those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    I feel I have been living Horselover Fat’s story for many years (I have had many mystical experiences and synchronicities since starting the “awakening” or “Great Remembering” as I like to put it). Suffice it to say that reading “Valis” was exactly what Philip wanted me to do when I was ready for it. I am blown away.

    Thank you Philip and Horselover Fat. I am honored to be a part of you and hope your flesh suit birthday was wonderful (even though there truly is no such thing as time). The Empire Never Ended…

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