Andre Welling’s GREAT BIG LIST of Philip K. Dick Related Links

To explain what this is all about, it’s best to let Andre do it in his own words.   The following is from an email sent to the PKD mailing list…  -Jerry Davis

I wanted to make you aqcuainted with my latest fancy; it’s Dick-Surfing. The base for such a topical search engine is a plain list of ALL DICK-URLs YOU CAN GET with *one* massive onslaught of information tech. You won’t query the big Public Search Engines’ Web interfaces: They give you

the matching URLs page for page, ranked after an obscure relevance criterion;- you’d
develop a really bad click-finger if you try to assemble only a couple of hundred decent
Web addresses this way.

I used Open Source wizardry instead, deploying the PERL module WWW::SEARCH for a more low level access to Search Engines’ Web index. You can ask for hundreds or thousands of URLs at once which are delivered in a plain text listing. So I asked Lycos, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Web-Crawler and AltaVista to give me *ALL* Dick-URLs (Web pages containing at least the phrase/name “Philip K. Dick”) they can afford to give (AltaVista never delivers more than 200 even if you stand on your head, HotBot gives all).

I then merged the different result files and cleared that master file from duplicate addresses (Ooops. The Loss, the Loss..). In a second step I feed this list to our team’s Web spider (yeah, we made one) and abuse three company Web servers to process a whole night these thousands of URLs, checking them for actual availability (and download the text content if available; No – don’t ask for *this* file.  I can’t email double digit megabyte files.. ;). Then I match the LOG file of failed Web page requests (dead or outdated links) against the original list and thus finally get my refined listing of ALL VALID (valis?) DICK-URLs YOU CAN GET – now!

Together with the text content of all valid URLs, I can now – via full text indexing and local search engine creation – surf this “Philip K. Dick” – Webspace locally in no time. I find gems like this weird URL:

which points to a cover scan of a Polish edition of PKD’s short stories. There is more.

I find things – spooky spooky – like the PKD chatroom at

where nobody is ever there:

>Trying TCP connection to …

>>> The remote machine has accepted the network request

> … please wait.

>- (c) 1996, 1997 Paralogic Corporation []

>- Paralogic ParaChat server 2.05.04

> Welcome to ParaChat Personal (main server)


>>> Chip has joined channel #The_PKD_Chatroom


>The topic is: (No topic set)


>Chip> Hey! Is there anybody out there? What am I doing here?

> Where is anybody?

>Chip> Hello?

>Chip> Is this place void and hollow?

>Chip> Fuck You!

>Disconnected: Chip

>you logged off


I’m not even sure this has anything to do with *our* PKD but the ‘feel’ certainly has 😉

I find mucho more but am tired now. I log off too.

Cheers and Best!

from — Andre’s_site.htm$9307$1442,Michael.html,PK.html,KS.phtml,Jack.html,Jack.phtml,PK.html,PK.phtml,KS.phtml|3957987699038515411842642606,60,2092,00.html
(not really part of this set; for fun only)*2/Davis-Urban-E2.html,_Philip_K/*28QUAQRRXA4aH/Stim-x/0896August/Automedia/pkdick.html,Michael.mbox,Philip_K..mbox,K.W..mbox,K.W..mbox,Philip_K..mbox

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