For Dickheads Only (FDO)

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For Dickheads Only 7 (Web Version)

A special edition of FDO on BLADE RUNNER 2 – K. W. Jeter’s followup novel

For Dickheads Only 6 (Eye In The Sky)

For Dickheads Only 5 (“The “Beyond Lies The Wub” Issue”)

For Dickheads Only 4 (Solar Lottery)

For Dickheads Only 3 (The Cosmic Puppets)

For Dickheads Only 2 (The World Jones Made)

For Dickheads Only 1 (Clans Of The Alphane Moon)

3 thoughts on “For Dickheads Only (FDO)

  1. Im looking forward to Channel 4 10 part series of PK Dick stories starting this Sunday in the UK! Its called Electric Dreams.

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