Brief Notes About Site Updates

I would like to encourage all fans of Philip K. Dick to check in on this site semi-regularly to see what is new because a lot of work has been spent bringing over old content and adding new content. So the site may seem to be more static now but actually much work has been happening. Articles, essays and criticism have been brought over from the old site so there items that may have been missed for the newer fans or even the older fans who weren’t able to read all the site’s content (and it was vast) before it was taken offline. Frank Views archives are being added and hopefully soon there will be new columns from Frank.

I have added a last updated widget so the users can see where I am working at the moment, what topic, what section, what page. Or the user can see when the last piece of new content has been added to the site.

Oh and volunteers are always welcome especially content writers!

One thought on “Brief Notes About Site Updates

  1. I didn’t know the old site until recently, like the new one and your dedication to it Mike. Am checking the site regurarly, all is good. Will drop a message if I have something worthy to say…

    Ok back to the Exegesis now. 🙂

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