Precious Artifacts Announcement

Precious Artifacts CoverDavid Hyde (Lord Running Clam) and Henri Wintz are close to publishing their PKD bibliography, PRECIOUS ARTIFACTS: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012. What promises to be an amazing accomplishment and update to all previous biographies is scheduled to be published in June. They have also launched a Kickstarter project in support of this book and you can pledge there and receive one of their great rewards. And also started a Facebook page where they discuss the book and their progress towards publication in June 2012. To help spread the word, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ their book on your networks.

Home Page:
Kickstarter page:
Facebook page:

4 thoughts on “Precious Artifacts Announcement

  1. I can’t believe you outed his eminence Sir Lord Running Clam like that!! What is this blog coming to??? And just who is this “David Hyde” you alude to?? A nome de plume, perhaps?

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