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PKD Otaku Issue 24A new issue of PKD Otaku has been published. You can view it here: PKD Otaku Issue 24 or view past issues.

Please be patient after clicking on the link for this issue. The file is large and requires more time to download. An alternative would be to save the file to your computer and read the issue from there.

6 thoughts on “New Issue of PKD Otaku

  1. My tks Michael for mentioning the latest issue of PKD Otaku. Yous is one of the few websites to do so.

  2. My thanks also.
    This is the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Man In The High Castle. I’ve not noticed any real mention of that despite this being late April. Not even on the Philip K. Dick Discussion List! Hope PKD Otaku and this site will be celebrating and commemerating this important event.

    This was the novel that turned me into a hard-core PKD fan. I’d been a fan for years due to his magazine publications, which I mostly read in magazines I purchased from a used bookstore, but somehow not realized how much he’d written that I really enjoyed. In fact, it was a review of the novel in a used copy of F&SF that caused me to seek out TMITHC around 1964 or 1965. As best I can remember, I’d read only one of his novels prior to this (Game-Players Of Titan) and that had been so overshadowed by some other SF novels I’d read back-to-back during a 3-5 day long drive to a summer vacation spot that I didn’t take an interest in him as a novelist at the time.

    Getting back to the subject of this article. I recommend this and all previous issues of PKD Otaku. It’s a fine ‘zine.

  3. Tks David K. for adding your perspective. Perhaps you’d be willing to write something about The Man In The High Castle for the 25th anniversary issue of PKD Otaku? Let Patrick know. We want to get as many ol’ time PKD fans involved with this special issue as possible.

  4. That was fast, Frank! I switched browsers because IE is acting very funky and as soon as I got back to the site your comment was here.

    I’ll try to write something and get it actually sent to Patrick. I’ve intended and even started to write many things for PKD Otaku over the years but don’t think I’ve ever finished anything and sent it to him. I’m embarrassed. Perhaps a Land O’ Smiles cig and doing some yardwork will help perk up the brain. Followed by rereading TMITHC with a notebook at hand to jot down some thoughts and page numbers for reference.

    Maybe even take a shot at rereading the first Spanish language translation of it also and making a few comments if I even remember enough Spanish to reread El hombre en el castillo. Now that we have the World Wide Web it seems like the translations and foreign publications of PKD are forgotten, ignored or unknown in English language discussions of PKD. Any effort I make is certain to be dreadful but might inspire others to write some good articles about PKD in translation.

  5. Michael thanks once again for posting PKD-Otaku – appreciated. It’s another cracking issue!
    David, yes please DO write something for the next issue – a piece on The Man in the High Castle would be great!! Send it to (= Patrick). Many people think of writing a piece or sending a letter but then they do nothing or forget. That the ‘zine still exists is a testimony to the constant dedication of Patrick Clark, Frank bertrand, Dave Hyde, and lately Jami Morgan. As a free ‘zine which publishes interesting articles and cogent essays in a visually professional format – it is a must for Dickheads everywhere.

  6. Dont’ even think about “dreadful,” David K. Think Ubik or Can-D!! Also,
    keep your focus narrow. Don’t bite off too much. Pick one incident, one character, etc. that tickled your brain cells and ask all kinds of questions about it as you write. If I can help, let me know. I believe you have my email address.

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