Updated and Expanded Bibliography

A new expanded bibliography of the works of Philip K. Dick plus related titles is available at PKD and Me: A personal journey into the works of Philip K. Dick.

When someone discovers the work of Philip K. Dick and becomes fascinated by it, there is a phenomenon in which they must read all of his work as fast as possible. Sometimes the plots and incidents blur together into one mega-novel. And there are a lot of novels.

At PKD and Me, view resources such as publication dates, covers and links to more information for an even deeper dive into the works.

An electronic only version is available at Homeopape.

Future improvements are the ability to create an account, review titles and mark which titles have been read.

One thought on “Updated and Expanded Bibliography

  1. I have just found out about Phillip k dick in a documentary. I heard what he said in 1977.. I have thought this way about dreams since I was a kid! I am just needing to know more of his thoughts on dreams and how they are different worlds or dimensions that we go back to. Or I’ve always thought of my extreme interest in different times in our history maybe a past life of mine. I want to know who I can contact that has the same ideas and what there thoughts and or finds have been. Can you please help me? Thanks

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