Precious Artifacts Published

Precious Artifacts CoverPrecious Artifacts : A Philip K. Dick Bibliography, USA and UK Editions, 1955-2012 has been published as a trade paperback and is now available for purchase on or From the The Philip K. Dick Bookshelf announcement:

Precious Artifacts is a fully illustrated bibliography of the novels and major story collections of Philip K. Dick published in the USA and UK. It covers almost 60 years of PKD publications with close to 600 editions referenced with full-color cover art. Fans of Philip K. Dick will find herein a trove of information and details on PKD’s books including knowledgeable essays on collecting books, a useful guide to collecting rare editions, a glossary of bibliographic terms and a chronology of PKD’s novels.

The hardback edition of the bibliography will be available soon and can be preordered at The trade paperback can be ordered at or

If you have questions about the book, please contact them at precious_artifacts[at]pkdickbooks[dot]com.

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