New Issue of PKD Otaku

PKD Otaku Issue 25A new issue of PKD Otaku has been published. You can view it here: PKD Otaku Issue 25 or view past issues.

Please be patient after clicking on the link for this issue. The file is large and requires more time to download. An alternative would be to save the file to your computer and read the issue from there.

3 thoughts on “New Issue of PKD Otaku

  1. Excellent issue as always, wonderfully edited all these years by Patrick Clark, who should get a lot more credit than he does, with publication design and layout for 4 issues now by the most creative Nick Buchanan. The essay by Professor Aaron Barlow alone, about Phil’s story “Faith of Our Fathers,” makes this 25th issue anniversary issue well worth reading. Then, PLEASE send in a “letter of comment to the editor.”

  2. Yes – Many congratulations to Patrick Clark who started this impressive magazine 10 years ago. Frank Bertrand and Perrry Kinman were there then – as was Dave Hyde. Twenty Five issues (all still available FREE online) is a great service to Dickheads everywhere. John Fairchild too has been a regular. and of late so too has Jami Morgan. I am relatively late to this ‘party’ but am proud to be numbered alongside such thoughtful writers. People who love Phil and his ideas and are ready to explore them freely without the constraints of fashion or the ego. It’s a cracking Magazine – and it’s time for folks to email Patrick and share their ideas and comments.

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