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Philip K. Dick With CatI have made some additions and changes to the new site, specifically adding the news and Twitter feed both should be displaying only Philip K. Dick content. So if anyone sees an error, please email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com and report it.

The site was launched before it was completely done and perfect very intentionally. I recently read Seth Godin’s Poke the Box and was inspired to go against my tendency to do more work on a project before “shipping” so that the site could be enjoyed for what it has now even unfinished. I believe that this is one distinct advantage the web has over other forms of print (i.e. paper) and software programs. The user gets to use what’s ready, critique it and influence future growth. The book is an excellent (and short!) read for anyone who has interest in marketing or delivering products.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to blog about Philip K. Dick and not just about the web site!

I have been very busy lately with work on this site and all the other things going on in my personal life so I would like to apologize if I haven’t responded to communication sent to me or the site’s email. It might take a few days but I will read and reply to all.

I’m still working on ideas and plans for the site so if there are any suggestion for improvements, please email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com. In addition if anyone would like to volunteer to help with things like blog entries, graphic design, etc., please email the address above also.

I hope everyone is enjoying the site and likes what they see!

6 thoughts on “More About The New Site

  1. You might want to have a link to my “folder” (“Encounters With Philip K. Dick”) at, which currently has 39 items in it, material I’ve written about Philip K. Dick going back to the late 1970s.

  2. Thanks for coming back! While there are some other great sites on PKD, there’s never enough on PKD, of course.
    And it really looks good, blue is fine with me.

  3. It would be of interest to an aging cynical curmudgeons like me, in that I’ve gotten very little cogent feedback about my PKD writings over the years, for you to articulate at some length about just what it was/is “enjoyed reading” (or didn’t enjoy) in my various PKD writings. I did the same thing once to one of my professors. Just what is good? Why? What can be tweaked to make it better?

  4. Frank- Honestly, It’s been some time ago and I’m not one to make comments back to the author. It might be an interesting experiment, if you’re willing, to post one of your articles in this blog with the commenting easily available and sharable. That is one idea on this free floating list I have of what I’d like to put on the site.

  5. I briefly investigated changing the color to pink and my design skills(?) wouldn’t be up to snuff to do it. I was only curious if it could be done and hadn’t decided that I would do it. Saves time in some cases seeing if something can be done before coming up with a No answer and a reason. I’ve used this many times in my career and it always works.

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