Welcome To The New Philip K. Dick Fan Site!

Philip K. Dick Head ShotThe new site has been a long time in coming mostly due to the web site architecture changes that have been made and the additional news and feed features that have been added along with the usual blog format. Thank you for your patience during the wait.

I decided to launch it with the features I had ready and build on it as we go. New features, designs, topics, etc. can be added at any time. I have a vast electronic archive of Philip K. Dick material that may be posted. Obviously some won’t be published due to copyright restrictions.

I’m still working on ideas and plans for the site so if there are any suggestion for improvements, please email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com. In addition if anyone would like to volunteer to help with things like blog entries, graphic design, etc., please email the address above also.

I hope everyone likes what they see!

8 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Philip K. Dick Fan Site!

  1. Your Lorship, or Lordship/Highness/Esteemed Lord Running Clam,
    Let’s us try, really try, to keep this place cogent and relevant for a better
    understanding of the fiction AND non-fiction of Philip K. Dick. I don’t think
    pink will do that, if you are alluding to pink beams, or beans. We need
    something to counteract what is already out there….

  2. I briefly investigated changing the color to pink and my design skills(?) wouldn’t be up to snuff to do it. I was only curious if it could be done and hadn’t decided that I would do it. Saves time in some cases seeing if something can be done before coming up with a No answer and a reason. I’ve used this many times in my career and it always works.

  3. I was there at the 707 house in terra linda when shit hit the fan and Phill left for LA………….. I was Living with him at the time with my Girlfriend Shelly…. I can tell you about it if you are interested… the whole thing is one hell of a story…….. I remember Francine, Anne, Mike H, Roger T. … ps… The opening of A Scanner Darkly is a true story and the persons depicted in the story are real people ,.. I was there and knew them all very well…. Bob Arctor and I are one in the same with a twisting and reshaping by Phill…. get back to me if you like… Gary Renaud

  4. Gary- If you would like to email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com that story or any other PKD related story, I will post it here (assuming it’s appropriate to post) and I will be sure to give you proper attribution. I would really love to read the story you mention. Chapter One is one of my favorite parts of the book and the most vivid for me.

  5. I will work on it…… may take some time as I am not a proficient writer and my fingers are a little slower and stiffer than they use to be … I will make it my winter project for this year…..Ps who am I in communication with .. mrfisher ??
    I will get started after the holidays…. and thanks for getting back to me…. its going to be interesting to say the least… GR

  6. Gary- You are talking to Michael Fisher. I just changed mrfisher to my name in the admin page so sorry for the confusion.

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