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PKD Otaku Issue 45PKD Otaku 45 (April 2024)

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PKD Otaku 43 (March 2022)

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PKD Otaku 40 (September 2019)

PKD Otaku 39 (July 2019)

PKD Otaku 38 (December 2018)

PKD Otaku 38 (December 2018)

PKD Otaku 37 (April 2018)

PKD Otaku 36 (June 2017)

PKD Otaku 35 (February 2017)

PKD Otaku 34 (August 2016)

PKD Otaku 33 (July 2016)

PKD Otaku 32 (September 2015)

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PKD Otaku 24 (April 2012)

PKD Otaku 23 (January 2012) [Additional Links from PKD Otaku 23]

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PKD Otaku 01 (February 13, 2002)

11 thoughts on “PKD Otaku

  1. Fanatastic magazine. I have no idea how I have missed this in the past. My thanks to Frank Bertrand for giving me the “heads up”. I have already posted a link on my Facebook Wall and I am hoping write something for a future issue….

  2. Issue 27 is not listed above. Can’t view on iPad? That is where it looks the very best for me. I am, however, always seeing it as an email attachment which then prompts if I want to view as an iBook. When I do, that issue along with all others, are saved on a shelf. It’s truly astounding eye CAN-D and looks perfect on iPad or the color Kindle Fire.

  3. jami, thanks for catching that mistake. I was in a hurry and didn’t get this page set up quite right.

  4. Maintaining an interest in PKD is quite a feat all by itself and I hope ALL scholars of PKD are successful, since there is just as much in the spaces between the words–what was Left unsaid– as what PKD did include in his writings…It does take time to learn all we can about his ideas.We are all far better off for it…on a slightly diff. note- I have been reading the Aeneid–a translation of Virgil-V- by a Mr Allen . Mandelbaum, make my mental balm this man’s ideas…anyway– there is a small amount of good detail about Virgil and he does compare well to PKD >>the minor details :
    –V- Labored on the Aeneid til he died over 11 years…reference how PKD Labored over the Exegesis for almost as Long…then passed away. also _V died at age 51…PKD at age 54…
    —-V- was born in 70 BC
    –PKD referred to some type of importance to the date year 70 AD. I am amazed to Locate these facts as you all may be — it is in the introduction of the Aeneid you find this info…Do not ever give up your pursuits to understand PKD or his material. As we all know who study this man or his works…we Learn more of ourselves even as we explore him, made even more mysterious in that he was taken from Society long before he was videotaped, interviewed constantly etc…in 1982- my name is DERRUFO, a codename due to the type of work in research I am involved with. I Love finding you scholars have Labored so to tell the world about PKD — I feel fortunate he lived long enough to write and the world existed long enough for us all to find you scholars, now authors all as well…Bravo to you for taking the time to understand this man PKD and the fragile times in which he was forced to wield his pen & imagine if we can what he was aware of that led him to write Flow My Tears…etc..oh well.. adieu

  5. Please let us know if you can or cannot access the various links in the more recent issues of PKD Otaku. Some of us have trouble, but apparently others are able to click and access the sites from the links within the zine. It is making me wonder about the 2012 post above from PM who could even access Issue 24 and beyond. Hmmmmmm.

    Also, that’s a fascinating comment that I had missed (from Derr.) Yes, many of us have invested YEARS in the PKDickian pursuit. 😉

  6. Sorry, that should read PM could NOT access Issues 24 and beyond. Curious because some are saying they cannot click through the links on issues 24 and beyond. We need more feedback on this. If you post a comment about this, please say what browser or device you are using.

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