PKD Otaku Submission Guidelines

PKD Otaku Issue 31
The submission guidelines for PKD Otaku are printed on the inside front covers of the later issues or on page 2 of the electronic versions (Are there any print versions?). The PKD Otaku team and I would like to encourage more submissions by other readers, fans, scholars of Philip K. Dick.

The submission guidelines are listed below:

  • PKD Otaku is a zine made by fans for fans.
  • It exists to celebrate, explore and discuss the work of Philip K Dick.
  • The PKD Otaku Team have enjoyed the writing and ideas of Philip K. Dick for decades, and continue to do so.
  • The subject of Philip K. Dick benefits from diverse perspectives, opinions, and insights.
  • In this zine we hope to explore the novels, short-fiction, non-fiction and ideas of Philip K Dick.
  • If you would like to contribute (a letter of comment, an article, essay or review), please make your submission in Microsoft Word doc, rtf or txt format to the PKD Otaku Team c/o Patrick Clark via email: pkdotaku[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • All submissions are welcome and considered, but we cannot promise that all will see print.
  • Thank you for maintaining the dialogue!
  • If you have any questions about the submission or publication process, please contact the PKD Otaku Team c/o Patrick Clark via email: pkdotaku[at]gmail[dot]com.

The PKD Otaku is published on an irregular schedule when the amount of content that has been submitted and approved will fill an entire issue. Back issues of PKD Otaku are available at /resources/journals/pkd-otaku/.

One thought on “PKD Otaku Submission Guidelines

  1. Great job, Michael. I think it would be important to add that PKD Otaku is indeed about Philip K. Dick, his fiction AND non-fiction. Not someone else. It can also be considered a “serconzine,” which is “fanspeak” for Serious Content Fanzine. Also, PKD wrote a hell of a lot more novels and short stories than just V.A.L.I.S. Cogent items about PKD’s early works, that are well written with relevant informed opinions would be most welcomed by Patrick Clark, I’m sure.

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