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Just finished an initial foray into creating a Games page for any type of game – video, board, role-playing – that was inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick or was based (i.e. licensed) on his writing. The new page is located in the Works In Print menu or can be found here: /works-in-print/games/.

There are only two entries so far. A Blade Runner computer/video game from the 90’s exists but isn’t in print. If anyone has other suggestions to add to the page, please comment below with as much information as you can provide.

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    I am submitting a multimedia project to the PKD Film Festival – my graphic novel Zombienomicon Eisgesis, a PKD homage / pastiche. Part of that is the online game above. This is an extend-a-story interactive fiction project. In other words you can create your own PKD choose your own adventure, based on his public domain stories, fan fiction, original ideas or anything else you choose.

    The “Unfolding Text” is a holographic cross linked set of pages, potentially infinite in extent, as PKD theorized about a new approach to the Bible.

    As a serious fan of PKD myself, I would welcome ANY contributions from ANY people reading this! 🙂

  2. Do Android(s) Dream of Electric Sheep or Does Rachel Like Pushing that Sheep off of Rick and Iran’s Building (More Human than Human is the Rosen/Tyrell Motto YET Jealousy distilled in a Symbolic Gesture is what was felt as I Laughed when reading that part, she is the only one for him not the Penfield Moody Organ abusing of the “Depression” setting Wifey;)?
    Synchronicity Alloy-Composite Effect creating a Robby-Replicant-accent of Skynet in the Alloy-Skeletal Framework. BTW World War Terminus is an outbreak called Lucifer Alpha a Transgenic Virus gone Vectorized Omni-Terminal that wipes out Eastern Eruope and Eurasia down to 20%
    ummmm……OK! here is the game made by a Loco-Nihonjin hencho en Japon,
    The Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders Creator Hideo Kojima-San’s
    Original Japanese Trailer:
    Japanese Sega Saturn Opening:
    English Sega CD Electrum* Screen Play-through
    *Electrum is a Alloy Composite of Silver and Gold which I feel as a Nipponese-American of Yonsei(Fourth Generation and Gen Y(BabyBoomer Laziness in Alphabet Souping my Generation)/21st Century Adult formerly known as 21st century kid) represents the Video Games with “Illustrious Cinemation” from the 8-bit Pixelated to 1080ip/4k Blu-Ray/Online CGI Hologram-Distraction from our Decaying 5th Sun of Western Civilization way past-gone Post Consumer and Post Cyber-Cypher Punk Whored out by POPULAR-CULTure heading foolishly into Titan-Transgenic BioPunk-RiboFunkill of the Sacred Organic making a Farce of Nature and Our Omniverse with Dr. Strange Cumberbach raping the Veil with Inception type Lucid “Waking” Dreams of Snuff Cinema gone HollyQuack.
    “The 90’s were the Era of Epic Operas in Everything”, then Metal Taoist White/Metal Draco(2000) then Silver/MetalOphicio Ouroboros/y2k(Like Dec 21, 2012 Zilch-Nada!) the “Second Harmonic Convergence” of Empowerment of the Self through revelations, time is right this Year for the Anarchy and Rebirt from it’s Ruins of Disharmonic Reconvergance, Shamans, Artisans, and Craftspeople are the New Artisan Warriors Dreams of Shinmen “Miyamoto Musashi” Takezo are awakening like Mu’aDib. Philip K. Dick and Hunter S. Thompson be proud of the Veil being Lifted across the Collective Unconsciousness of the Great Sea of Dreams.
    Om Namo Naraunaya & Om numah Shiva.

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