3 thoughts on “New Issue of PKD Otaku

  1. Thank you for hosting this Michael – it is a great service to the fans – especially as you also make every previous issue available for free download too. Your time and expertise are appreciated.

  2. For the record, here are a few correx to my article in #38:

    Page 24, rt column: PKDS newsletter s/b: PKDS Newsletter (ital.)
    Page 24, left column: Okatu! s/b: Otaku! (ital.)
    Page 25, left column, 3rd paragraph: italicize Star Wars (2x)

    Thanks to Patrick, Nick, and Michael for their GREAT publication!

  3. Thanks to Patrick, Nick, and Michael for a GREAT publication!

    A few correx to my article:
    Page 24, rt column: newsletter s/b Newsletter (ital.)
    Page 24: left column: OKATU! s/b OTAKU! (ital.)
    Page 25 left column, 3rd paragraph: Star Wars (2x) s/b ital.

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