New Issue of PKD Otaku

PKD Otaku Issue 37A new issue of PKD Otaku has been published. You can view it here: PKD Otaku Issue 37 or view past issues.

Please be patient after clicking on the link for this issue. The file is large and requires more time to download. An alternative would be to save the file to your computer and read the issue from there.

4 thoughts on “New Issue of PKD Otaku

  1. Thanks Michael for hosting the latest PKD Otaku – and all the back issues! It is a great service to PKD fans. I am shocked at the lack of gratitude you receive for this service here – so few replies/comments or even thanks. I am sad to say that the ‘zine itself receives virtually no letters of comment, encouragement or discussion. It is now so infrequent, due to lack of participation and contribution that it may only come out once a year or once every two years. Who knows, it may even fold. Shame because I think so many fans still enjoy it – but in return they offer only silence.

  2. Fantastic e-zine. Came across this after seeing you taking part in a panel with the lovely Tessa Dick online. Great perspectives and contributions. Found one of the few bits of kipple that didn’t escape my perception!.

  3. Great issue. Please keep this zine alive. Many thanks to Nick Buchanan for the layout, Michael Fisher for sponsoring and Carter Kaplan for editing. Also thanks to all the wonderful contributors.

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