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Published June 1, 2016, “The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick” by Kyle Arnold is available through or your favorite book supplier.

The book is a biography shown through the lens of a clinical psychologist. From the description at and probably the back cover of the book also:

“In The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick, clinical psychologist Kyle Arnold probes the fascinating mystery of Dick’s heart and mind, and shows readers how early traumas opened Dick to profound spiritual experiences while also predisposing him toward drug dependency and violence. Disputing the myth that Dick had schizophrenia, Arnold contends that Dick’s well-known paranoia was caused by his addiction to speed. Despite Dick’s paranoia, his divine madness was not a sign of mental illness, but a powerful spiritual experience conveyed in the images of science fiction.”

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Published April 9, 2016, “Ganymedean Slime Mold On Tour And Other Things: Essays And Stories, 1988-2015” by Lord Running Clam is available through, Wide Books (with a ten dollar discount), or your favorite book supplier.

The book is a collection of stories and essays, and for Philip K. Dick fans, there are essays from For Dickheads Only and PKD Otaku. From the description at and probably the back cover of the book also:

“Its the umpteenth decade in the War On Drugs. The 1980s. Ronald Raygun is dozing off and Nancy just says No. Into the fray inches the Ganymedean Slime Mold, armed with telepathic power and not enough weed. Will the forces of righteousness prevail? Or will the dark denizens of the Government squash this alien dopesucker? A true story. Inspired by Philip K. Dick and challenged by Hunter S. Thompson, Lord Running Clam here presents his stories and essays written over the last thirty years, including the best from the zines ‘No Bullsheet’ and ‘For Dickheads Only’-and everything he wrote on Philip K. Dick for ‘PKD OTAKU’.”

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The Other Side of Philip K. Dick By Maer WilsonExpected to be published later this summer, The Other Side of Philip K. Dick By Maer Wilson is a memoir that tells the story of her ten year friendship with Philip K. Dick from 1972 to 1982.

From the description at Maer Wilson’s web site:

“What is the truth behind the legend of Science Fiction great, Philip K. Dick?

In spring, 1972, Phil Dick moved to Fullerton, CA, where he met Theatre student Mary (Maer) Wilson. Amid marriage proposals, marathon talk-fests and a love for music and films, they forged a strong friendship that would last the rest of his life.

Wilson’s quirky, yet unflinchingly honest, memoir reveals a funny, compassionate and generous man. She captures an inside view of one of our literary greats – a brilliant writer who gave the world some of its most revered Science Fiction.”

For more information, visit Maer Wilson’s web site or Goodreads.


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