On The Occasion Of Philip K. Dick’s 87th Birthday: Presenting The philipkdick.com Archive

To celebrate what would be Philip K. Dick’s 87th birthday (if here were still with us), I have resurrected or archived the former philipkdick.com site in the archive on philipdick.com. The archive of the site can be viewed at http://2013philipkdick.philipdick.com and can also be found on the website archives page. I’m still working through fixing some of the broken images on the site. I’ll do what I can to fix the site. Unfortunately, I can’t be responsible for broken links or other site issues. They should be viewed AS IS.

What is probably the most compelling reason to archive this site is the cover gallery of Philip K. Dick novels from around the world. That page is located at http://2013philipkdick.philipdick.com/works_covers.html and as far as I know, I have all the cover images archived. An article at Open Culture linked to the Internet Wayback Machine to find these cover images, but sometimes that source can be inconsistent with what was archived on what date (i.e. the Internet Wayback Machine doesn’t always make a copy of an entire site all at once on the same date). Hopefully, this new site archive will be a reliable place to look at the cover gallery and other parts of the site.

Here is a screen capture from the archived www.philipkdick.com.

One thought on “On The Occasion Of Philip K. Dick’s 87th Birthday: Presenting The philipkdick.com Archive

  1. Thank you for this. It’s more appreciated than I can express.
    And also many thanks for remembering and noting the birthday anniversary.

    And, of course, for maintaining this site. I’m looking forward to getting a new computer up and running that can function decently with the web so I can explore and enjoy it properly.

    Best Wishes,

    David K

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