Radio Free Albemuth Has Been Fully Funded And More! (Updated)

Radio Free AlbemuthThe Kickstarter campaign has finished and the total amount pledged by 827 backers was $92,267.

Congratulations to the Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter Project team for meeting their Kickstarter goal and exceeding it. Backers are still submitting pledges and as an update from the project says any money above the goal will be used for additional screenings, ads and publicity.

I’m so ecstatic that this Kickstarter project was fully funded and I contributed a tiny part of the overall goal. From what I’ve heard this movie is a very faithful adaption of the novel and a great movie also. I have wanted to see it since it was released but it was only shown rarely at conferences or other events that I have been unable to attend.

The most recent post from the team:

You can still go here and make a pledge (or increase your plaedge) until Wednesday Jul 3, 2:02 pm EDT

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