Review: Next (2007)

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I just watched Next and while it wasn’t one of my favorite films or a film of outstanding value over time; it was a typical Hollywood Thriller action picture with all the typical elements of the chased, the chaser, the love interest and another chaser who is much more ruthless than the first. It held my attention and I liked the movie but this one will be forgotten about in a way that Blade Runner will not be. It doesn’t stand out in direction or story in any way. It was as Hollywood bland as Paycheck at taking a Philip K. Dick idea and then throwing all the action tropes onto it to make a movie. Other than a few exceptions the movies adapted from Philip K. Dick stories weren’t crafted to retain his vision in the original work or his overall vision from entire library of writings.

Next isn’t a bad movie in of itself but as a Philip K. Dick movie I think I was not very enjoyable. I believe for a Philip K. Dick to be successful especially in the long run, the movie needs to respect Dick’s point of view and treat the film as if that point of view was being communicated to the audience, as if Philip K. Dick wrote and directed it himself.

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