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Vast Active Living Bibliographic System, or Bibliografia critica su Philip Kindred Dick – Secondary Texts on PKD

Interviews / Interviste


Anton, Uwe

1986. “Interview mit Philip K. Dick (1977).” In: Dick, Philip K. Kosmische Puppen und andere Lebensformen. ed. Anton, Uwe, München: Heyne, 1986,
pp. 512-543. [complete]

Apel, D. Scott and Kevin G. Briggs

1999. “Philip K. Dick in Interview,” Philip K. Dick: The Dream Connection, Ed. D. Scott Apel, San Jose, CA: The Impermanent Press, pp. 23-86.


Bertrand, Frank C.

1994. “An Interview with Philip K. Dick.” (1980) F.D.O. # 5, pp. 26-27. [First published in Niekas 36 (1988)]


Cover, Arthur Byron

“Interview mit Philip K. Dick.” AGSF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Spekulative Thematik, “Working Community for Speculative Inter-related
Themes”), Philip K. Dick Materialien, SFT-Sonderreihe 1 (1976), pp. 9-13. [Bremerhaven]


Platt, Charles

1982. “Philip K. Dick.” Platt, Charles, ed. Gestalter der Zukunft. Science Fiction und wer sie macht. Köln-Lövenich: Hohenheim, pp. 225-245.
[German translation of Dreammakers]

1982. “Ein Hauch von Genie – oder Wahnsinn: Charles Platt im Gespräch mit Philip K. Dick.” Nagual, Michael, ed. Philip K. Dick: Eine Spur
Wahnsinn. Darmstadt/Neuwied: Luchterhand, 1986, pp.146-165. [It refers to Dreammakers]


Lee, Gwen and Doris Elaine Sauter

2006. What if Our World is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations With Philip K. Dick, London: Duckworth.


Rickman, Gregg

1984. “The Mainstream That Through the Ghetto Flows: An Interview with Philip K. Dick.” The Missouri Review (Columbia, MO), 7:2, pp. 164-185.

1985. Philip K. Dick: The Last Testament. Long Beach, CA: Fragments West/Valentine Press.

1988. Philip K. Dick: In His Own Words. Long Beach, CA: Fragments West/Valentine Press.[2nd edition]


Williams, Paul

1986. Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. Dick. New York, NY: Arbor House.

Audio Interviews / Registrazioni di interviste


American Broadcast

1976. “Philip K. Dick: A Maze of Words.” An Interview on American Broadcast. June 13th. ca. 90 min. [Exact source unknown]


Boonstra, John

1981. “Philip K. Dick: Confessions of a writer.” Phone Interviews by John Boonstra. March 11th, 1981; June 28th. ca. 110 min.


Rickman, Gregg

1987. “Philip K. Dick: The Piper in the Woods.” April, 1981. ca. 90 min.


Williams, Paul

1985. “90 Minutes with Philip K. Dick: Philip K. Dick in Conversation with Paul Williams, Oct/Nov 1974; Philip K. Dick alone, Notes for
Work-in-progess, ca. Aug 1974.” PKDS 9/10 (1985). ca. 90 min.

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