Variations in the Canonical Text of Philip K. Dick’s Short Stories

Frank Hollander (author of these texts):
This is a series of documents in which I intend to compile and publish a list of
variations between the original published text of Philip K. Dick stories and the
“canonical” texts established in COLLECTED STORIES (Underwood/Miller 1987). I will
also list any variations that I find between the original text and the text in the perennial reprints in the U.S. (Citadel Twilight 1990-1992, later Citadel Press) and the ongoing reprints from Subterranean Press. Where a Project Gutenberg text is available, I will also note all variations between that text and the original. In addition, I will consult the text of stories in other Dick collections and the electronic texts that I have for the Sony Reader in order to resolve ambiguities or to determine where a variation was first introduced. Although I have access to several British reprints of COLLECTED STORIES, I will not typically consult those texts.

I report all differences in the words and punctuation, regardless of significance. But I usually ignore stray marks, variations in “house style,” and the spacing of punctuation. I do not report ambiguities in the original text such as in hyphenation and capitalization unless I think there is a strong case that the reprint texts depart from what Dick wrote.

V1 Stability

V2 Roog

V3 The Little Movement

V4 Beyond Lies the Wub

V5 The Gun

V6 The Skull

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