Summary by Jason Koornick: Flow My Tears My Policeman Said (1974)


Meet Jason Taverner, international television star. Or is he? In a story that includes many distinctive Dickian themes, the reader joins Mr. Taverner as he attempts to rediscover his identity. He wakes up on Oct. 12 to learn that he no longer exists. His documents are false and no one recognizes or has even heard of the once wildly popular celebrity. In a police controlled state this means serious trouble and Taverner goes on a journey that takes him from the underground markets of a futuristic city to the luxurious penthouses of the sinfully rich. Every character that Taverner meets has a secret to hide. The story climaxes with an ending that will leave your head spinning. Flow My Tears The Policeman Said may not be Dick’s deepest or most probing story but it has a surreal nature that will keep readers interested in Dick’s futuristic world that is built on paranoia, suspicion and deceit. Themes of authority & corruption, role of mass media & entertainment and the nature of human perception are all addressed.

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