Philip K. Dick Letters From 1982

In January, 1982 15-year old Kris Hummel of Salem, Oregon wrote to Starlog Magazine about the upcoming movie Blade Runner. She was concerned that it would be rated-R and that she would not be able to get in. To her surprise, shortly after the letter was published she received a letter from Philip K. Dick about the film. They began a series of correspondance through the mail and also spoke on the phone a few times. Philip K. Dick died a just a few weeks later – on March 2, 1982.

Kris (now Hummel-Sauerwein) is willing to share the letters she received from Phil on this web site. The letter that started it all appears below along with links to scans of Phil’s letters. The file sizes are between 170 and 200K.

2 thoughts on “Philip K. Dick Letters From 1982

  1. Those are letters from a very kind man. Sure, he had his problems and alienated some people in his life, but at his core, he was a kind, good hearted soul. His tone is so encouraging, warm and respectful. These letters are a great resource.

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