Blade Runner Versions

The history of the film Blade Runner consists of various subtly different versions or prints of the film.

US theatrical release (1982)
• Contains the voiceover narration included because the audience testing indicated that there was some confusion in understanding the film
• Contains the happy ending with Deckard and Rachel flying over mountainous country (pulled from unused shots created for The Shining (1980)
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The Director’s Cut (1992)
• Removal of the voiceover narration
• Removal of the happy ending
• Addition of a brief dream sequence with the unicorn running in a forest
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The Final Cut (2007)
• Contains the original full-length version of the dream sequence with the unicorn
• definitive version that underwent a restoration with Ridley Scott
• completely restored from the original negative
• scanned at the highest resolution available
• restored and remixed sound
• definitive version that underwent a restoration with Ridley Scott
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Other Versions

• Workprint prototype version (1982)
• San Diego Sneak Preview version (1982)
• International theatrical release (1982)
• US broadcast version (1986)

Many other formats and available versions can be found with some investigation on The more expensive collector sets have these other versions of Blade Runner available to view.

For more information, visit Versions of Blade Runner.

9 thoughts on “Blade Runner Versions

  1. I would like to know the moral of the new version of blade runner
    In 2017

    I do like the film so much and i would like to know more about the moral and the deep meaning of the story

  2. Many fans see several moral ideas in the 2017 sequel film (like the 1982 original).

    One big moral is, just has PKD predicted, has come about today… the huge power of the corporations… or as some call it, ‘the Corporatocracy’. As in, it is not about nation states anymore, but large corporations running the world (for profit). And in the film, one seems to either rule the corporatocracy-state, as Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) seems to do… or one is a slave, only meant to serve its ends (like the Replicants, such as Luv, and the much impoverished humans on Earth, do….)

    Another moral, to me, seems to be the uniqueness and preciousness of every life – whether it is human, or Replicant. If it is sentient, thinks and feels, then it is a treasure (like the daughter of Deckard and Rachel, who was called ‘a miracle’ by Sapper… and she is!) I actually felt much sorrow when Luv died, even though she was like the Angel of Death, in much of the film….

    Glad you liked the film. I love it and will see it many times again!

  3. Saw the new “Bladerunner 2049” and, as far as I’m concerned, the two together will go down in film history as a true masterpiece of art… It may not be big boxoffice, with lots of smash-bang action, but it has what good science fiction should have, and what a good mystery-suspense-dystopian film should have… It’s the kind of film experience for the mind, as well as the gut…

  4. I have seen Blade Runner 2049 twice so far. It was amazing and a classic onto itself. The film, music, lighting, photography, and setting totally immerse you in an overwhelming viewing experience. I can’t wait for the dvd, but you must see this film on the big screen to truly appreciate it. Also the three short prequel films, which are on Youtube, are must see.

  5. Blade Runner 2049 is an amazing film. I think it made a great homage to PKD’s works, especially the concept of a shared reality and the meaning of existence. It’s a pity that it hasn’t done too well in the box office, and the possible dreams of another Blade Runner movie (the screenwriters expressed an interest in continuing it) is in serious doubt.

    1. Today is (was) PKD’s birthday… Dec 16. I want to watch BR 2019 in honor of him, especially after reading good comments here. I’m part of a super secret PKD fan site on FB, but resist assimilating to FB these days. I’m curious what our Clam Master (Lord Running Clam), Senior Dickhead (Frank B) and others think of BR 2019. Yikes, may have to dust off the PC and log in. HA! (refuse to use FB on my homeopapes.) Anyway, can it be viewed online or purchased now? Guess I’ll do some google searchin’ Yours in 28/82, ejm aka jami

      1. Somehow every time I entered BR 2049 it corrected to 2019. If you can fix those and post…. if not, then I guess post this also so the readers know what I was referring to. BR 2049 (Blade Runner, of course.) thanks! *** jami

  6. Which book has the thoughts, experiences etc of dead people saved so you can have a conversation with them?

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