From The Homeopape — For The Week Ending 05/17/2015

From The Homeopape is a semi-regular list of [Barely Curated] links related to Philip K. Dick from all over the Internet. A homeopape, a term coined by Philip K. Dick, is defined by Philip K. Dick himself in Ubik (1966):

UbikIn a corner of the large room a chime sounded and a tinkling mechanical voice called, “I’m your free homeopape machine, a service supplied exclusively by all the fine Rootes hotels throughout Earth and the colonies. Simply dial the classification of news that you wish, and in a matter of seconds I’ll speedily provide you with a fresh, up-to-the-minute homeopape tailored to your individual requirements; and, let me repeat, at no cost to you!”



‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Minority Report’ among fantasy shows on Fox’s fall lineup

Fox 2015-2016 schedule ranked: Sci-fi strong with ‘X-Files,’ modern ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘Minority Report’

Fall 2015 TV: 10 New Shows We’re Looking Forward To

Finalists take the grid for Sci Fi your Pi challenge – See more at:

20 facts you didn’t know about French designer Philippe Starck [Infographic]

Author Of The Day: Philip K. Dick

The SFFaudio Podcast #316 – AUDIOBOOK/READALONG: The Golden Man by Philip K. Dick


LÁ-BAS, ‘Automaton’

Fox’s fall schedule: A snap judgment

Blade Runner 2: Unraveling a Classic

Trailer for Coming Fox Series – Minority Report

Philip K. Dick Quotes


New Folio Society Edition of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle

Good news, everyone! Nationals will still be a thing in 2065!

Fox’s Minority Report Trailer Is Imaginative And Futuristically Cool

‘Minority Report’, A New Fox Television Series Based on the Steven Spielberg Movie and Philip K. Dick Short Story

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Open Call For Entries Deadline September 15


Minority Report comes to the small screen with a new TV show

Amazon doubles down on TV streaming with fewer reruns, more original programming

Amazon Said to Drop Viacom Shows as Reality Fatigue Hits

Film Picks, May 15: See ‘Blade Runner’ at The Colony

Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Real Matrix?


Our vanity epidemic is about to reach for the sky

Jonathan Lethem: The versatile writer and his influences

Michel Basilières’ A Free Man, reviewed: Against the grain, and the Real

On The Edge Of Blade Runner (BBC Documentary About Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi Classic)

The penultimate truth about Philip K. Dick

Erik Davis on Philip K. Dick


Which Great Author Do You Re-Read, A Single Page At A Time?

The best animated films for grownups

Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Real Matrix?

Albany: Reading Music: Songs Inspired by Philip K. Dick featuring Tom McWatters

Reading Music: Songs Inspired by Philip K. Dick featuring Tom McWatters



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