Still Haven’t Seen Radio Free Albemuth? [Updated]

Radio Free Albemuth
Here are locations that you can view Radio Free Albemuth online:



Both found on the Radio Free Albemuth‘s web site.

Also, the film is available on [Your Local Cable Company’s] Video On Demand.

I also discovered the film on
Amazon Instant Video

I’m delighted to see that it is also still in theaters:

  • South Lamar Theatre
    Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas
    Late Shows August 29 and August 30

  • Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Opening August 29, Radio Free Albemuth will play for one week.

Tickets for both theatres are available at the Radio Free Albemuth Screenings page.

If there are other locations to view Radio Free Albemuth, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list. As far as I know, there are no more theaters scheduled to show the movie.

More information can be found at the Radio Free Albemuth Screenings page or at the Radio Free Albemuth Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Still Haven’t Seen Radio Free Albemuth? [Updated]

  1. as a PKD fan forever, I have to say Radio Free Albemuth is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. such a passionate story reduced to some hipsters idea of a film. dry, wooden and just to cool for school. and I won’t even go into the bad production and uninspired, worthless script. it does no service to the fantastic and colorful mind of Phillip.

    how does that happen after reading the novel?

    people with zero imagination and zero talent claiming they have insight.

    to all you purist let me remind you what Dick told Ridley Scott. he said that his “life and creative work are justified and completed by Blade Runner.”

    lets update this story to what is currently happening. not some Nixon age bullshit. the idea is current… always will be. just the faces change.

    come on… someone out there can do an adaptation. with thrill in the lines.

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