6 thoughts on “PKD Otaku 28 Coming Soon

  1. Hey thanks jami and Tony – I am glad you like the cover.

    In truth it the task of ‘assembling’ this issue has been very sad for me (I appreciate that there are those much closer to him) but I spent time with Paul way back in 1991 here in England and he is one of those special people I had hoped to see again. In the end we only exchanged letters and emails.

    I can only hope this issue is a fitting tribute to a great guy – he was Max Brod to Kafka and Theo to Vincent. Without him, Phil’s great work would remain either out of print or damned hard to find (as it once was). Remember the 70’s?

    jami, I would like it out soon too, but there is still more content to come in. However the rest of it has been designed and the layout is sorted – so when it comes in, I’ll integrate it right away. I know it would be Paul’s birthday in a few days, and like you, I would want it out by then too.

    Love to you both jami and Tony – two great friends!

  2. Nick,

    You are an amazing human being that works so hard on the behalf of other people. If the rest of the world had your honest humanity, humility and sincerity the future of the race would be secure. I owe you a great deal and I am proud to call you a friend…..


  3. Nick, that is indeed an exceptional piece of front cover design and layout. Are there any graphic design competitions and/or exhibitions you could enter it in???? Patrick tells tonight the deadline holds. You should be going to press shortly.

  4. Tony, Frank and jami,

    I am genuinely humbled by your kind words.
    More than that, I am so deeply encouraged.

    How wonderful it is to be energized by those you value!
    Sincere and heartfelt thanks,


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