Philip K. Dick Novels And Stories Referred To Throughout “The Exegesis”

Rt Rev Allen Greenfield made this comment on the “About The Site” page which I thought was an excellent question I couldn’t fully answer:

Has someone come up with a list of the PKD books and stories he refers to throughout The Exegesis. I’ve read all of his books, pretty much as they appeared, even the recent mainstream overdue fine novels, but far less of the short stories. I am asking because I would like to tell my less avid readers which are the “must reads first” before taking on The Exegesis. Some are obvious, some less so.

I would list these novels and stories I’m not sure:

Eye in the Sky (1957)
Time Out of Joint (1959)
The Man in the High Castle (1962)
The Penultimate Truth (1964)
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965)
Now Wait for Last Year (1966)
The Unteleported Man(1966)/“Lies, Inc.” (1984) (Revision of The Unteleported Man(1966))
Galactic Pot-Healer (1969)
Ubik (1969)
A Maze of Death (1970)
“Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said” (1974)
A Scanner Darkly (1977)

But I am not an expert in this area and I wanted to put the comment out on the home page for discussion. Please comment, and add or delete from my list as you need.

2 thoughts on “Philip K. Dick Novels And Stories Referred To Throughout “The Exegesis”

  1. A comment was added to the “About the Site” page that said the information for this list is on page 943 of the “The Exegesis” which actually pleasantly surprised me that it was in the book itself. I thought we would need to discuss and add this list to the site for others to find but I’m glad that I was wrong.

  2. Just mentioning a bibliographic error to correct that I’ve been seeing lately. Oddly, I think I first saw it in 1983 in the PKDSN where it was corrected in a following issue. The Unteleported Man was first published in 1964, not in 1966.

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