Newly Added To The Site: February 2, 2002

I know that many of you may miss new things added like new articles or multimedia that are added to the site and not published on the front page. So I will write a post like this whenever I feel that enough items have been added behind the front page that it warrants a post.

Here is what’s new inside the depths of the site:

  1. Philip K. Dick Fan Site Store I am attempting with the help of Lord RC to create an online store to sell items. Any ideas on what you’d like to see, please comment or email philipkdickfans[at]gmail[dot]com.
  2. Multimedia add several youtube videos and the podcast Philip K. Dick Philosophical Podcast
  3. Variations in the Canonical Text of Philip K. Dick’s Short Stories (by Frank Hollander) which I put into Journals and Fanzines because it is serial in nature and I decided to classify it as a fanzine rather than create an entire new section on the site. For a better introduction than I could write here, please visit the section and take a look.

If you are feeling impatient between updates, you can check the Last Modified On The Site box on the right side of the pages three boxes from the top.

3 thoughts on “Newly Added To The Site: February 2, 2002

  1. Let’s post something today in honor of 30 years since our favorite SF guy (and maniacal exegetical pal, seer of pink beam, and Gnostic Nag Hammadian extraordinaire) passed onto the Elysian or Strawberry Fields Forever… OR as we PKDickians say, Happy Resurrection Day, Phil!!!

    Thanks again, MrFisher for the great work here!! *** jami

  2. Posted. Better sort of late and unplanned than never (or actually late). Thanks for the prodding.

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