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For those of you not familiar with VALBS (Vast Active Living Bibliographic System), the site is a bibliography of Secondary Texts on Philip K. Dick. It contains references to essays, books, interviews, dissertations and even fanzines about PKD. For scholars, students and others researching Philip K. Dick, this is an invaluable resource to identify sources, perform research or even have your own PKD related work listed. David Gill at totaldickhead interviewed Umberto Rossi in 2009 if you are interested in a much more information about VALBS.

Just over a month ago Umberto Rossi, the current curator (as I like to think of him) of VALBS, approached me to see if he could move the site over to to provide a permanent location for the site because he was having hosting issues. The files provided were converted into the pages of the site and combed over to fix any errors found in the conversion. And there were many! Finally we are at the point where we are confident that most of the issues with the conversion have been fixed and have made the site live as the new permanent home for VALBS. There will be a transition period in which both locations will be available but I hope that it will be short and most of the traffic will come to this site and not the older version.

As the first page of the VALBS site states:

This is an interactive bibliography. Corrections and additions are welcome. If you wish to inform us about anything you have published concerning the works of Philip K. Dick, please send a message to teacher[at]fastwebnet[dot]it

So if you see an issue feel free to email and it will be corrected. The link to the VALBS is in the More Philip K. Dick Resources box at the top right of the page.

I’m very happy and proud to bring this resource to!

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  1. This is great! All this secondary PKD info in one place and I can learn Italian at the same time! VALBS is resurrected and I’m sure it will become a useful resource for many a PKD fan.

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