Help Philip K. Dick’s Fifth Wife, Tessa Dick

Tessa Dick Plea For HelpThere is an youtube video ( circulating the fan base in which Tessa Dick, Philip K. Dick’s Fifth Wife, pleads for financial help because she is struggling much more than many of us are. She is disabled and waiting on the paperwork to be processed which takes some time.

If you would like to make a donation to her, send it to her by Paypal to or snail mail:

Tessa Dick
PO Box 1942
Crestline, CA 92325-1942

But if you would rather not donate directly, I would strongly encourage you to purchase one of her books. I don’t believe that one biography, one viewpoint can describe someone’s life. With the recent publication of the Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, one excellent choice is Remembering Firebright because she was present when he was experiencing and writing about the events in the Exegesis. I am reading it right now and the second viewpoint on events that I have become familiar with from Philip K. Dick’s telling is fascinating. Without the other viewpoints, we risk falling into solipsism like Dick was fond of writing and considering.

You can purchase her books at Tessa’s Amazon Author Page. A review of Remembering Firebright will be posted on soon.

4 thoughts on “Help Philip K. Dick’s Fifth Wife, Tessa Dick

  1. I find it quite sad that with the profits being made by the PKD Estate from new book editions, movies, graphic novels, comic books, etc., that Tessa has been reduced to the above state of existence. Have his x-wives been completely cut out??? Why???

  2. It’s perhaps even sadder, and says volumes about the high level of apathy in our so called culture, that mine is the only comment above. Have we become so callous, so unempathetic?? Are we afraid to criticize the PKD Conglomerate/Cabal/Empire/Estate??

  3. I know of at least one person who is sending her money so hopefully more people are doing that are aren’t commenting. I would send her and Paul money but I don’t have it right now to spare so I hope just by getting the word out right now does my part, what I can do now.

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