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Early 1952

Sep 1952

The Preserving Machine

Mr. Spaceship 4650 wds



       "The Gun" is one of the short stories PKD wrote before he signed on with the Scott Meredith Literary Agency in July 1952. There has been little comment on this story which tells of a sketchy interstellar survey team whose spaceship is shot down by an automatic gun firing from the surface of a deserted planet. After crashing on the surface of the planet, the crew manage to disable the gun and escape to head home and notify their home planet of a world to be newly explored. But… automatic guns have automatic maintenance and Phil lets the story hang from there.

    Other than an Australian science fiction magazine (SF Monthly #12, 1956), this story was never anthologized until THE COLLECTED STORIES OF PHILIP K. DICK (1987).

    "The Gun" rates

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  SF Monthly #12, 1956) {Australian magazine}  



Collector’s Notes

Old pulps like Planet Stories are hard to find in any condition. Expect to pay about $40 for this one in VG condition.

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