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<Oct 21, 1953

Feb 1956

Explorers We

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MS title: "Be As Gods"



   "To Serve The Master" reached the SMLA on Oct 21 1953. Originally title "Be As Gods" the story was first published in Imagination in the Feb 1956 issue. With the exception of Patricia Warrick’s ROBOTS, ANDROIDS AND MECHANICAL ODDITIES (1984), "To Serve The Master" was not reprinted until the third volume of THE COLLECTED STORIES.

    The story has aroused little comment. The sub-agent at the SMLA wrote on the story’s file card: "Just another happy ending as far as I’m concerned."

    As for the story, in a future society a mailman finds a decrepit robot and helps it to repair itself. But, he should have left well enough alone as this sole survivor of an ancient war between man and machines threatens the stability of this future world. And, besides, for the mailman himself, once he lets the cat out of the bag, his life becomes worthless – and short.

    "To Serve The Master" rates

Other magazine and Anthology appearances

1984 ROBOTS, ANDROIDS AND MECHANICAL ODDITIES, SIUP, hb, ?,?,? (?) {Ed. Warrick}     
1987 csopkd3a.jpg (7120 bytes) THE COLLECTED STORIES OF PKD, Vol.3  


TTHC 263

     Dick's sub-agents at Scott Meredith felt free to comment on Dick's work as they received it. Some of the stories are rated: "G" for "Good," "G plus" for better. Sometimes there are just comments, {...}
    "Just another happy ending so far as I'm concerned" for "Be As Gods."

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