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<Jan 13, 1953

Sep 1953

A Surface Raid

A Present For Pat

MS title: "Plaything"



    The denizens of the SMLA were not surprised to see the manuscript for "The Trouble With Bubbles" on Jan 13, 1953. PKD’s first story of the new year.

    The trouble with "The Trouble With Bubbles" was that after its initial appearance in IF in the USA and the UK, it never appeared again until THE COLLECTED STORIES, Vol. 2 in 1987.

    "The Trouble With Bubbles" is a story about a future world of jaded idleness where the population – barred from space because of the lack of inhabitable planets – spends their time building fancy world-bubbles in competition with each other and then destroying them. A moral question arises about the doomed inhabitants of the bubbles and when new planets are discovered things start going wrong with the real world. This is another of PKD’s stories where physical size becomes relative and man plays at being God.

"The Trouble With Bubbles" rates beams.

Other Magazine and Anthology appearances.         More Cover Pix here: aaaPKDickBooks.jpg (3234 bytes)

1954 Feb   IF, Vol.1 #4 (UK)  
1987 csopkd2a.jpg (7676 bytes) THE COLLECTED STORIES OF PHILIP K. DICK  



Collector’s Notes

Ken Lopez: "The Trouble With Bubbles" in If , Sep 1953 (1st). VG. Signed by author. $150

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