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<Nov 3, 1952

Nov 1954

Some Kinds Of Life

Martians Come In Clouds

6200 wds



      "Progeny," arrived manuscript-wise at the SMLA on Nov 3, 1952, the same day as the ms for "Some Kinds Of Life." It was published in If in the Nov 1954 issue.

    After its initial showing in If, "Progeny" was selected for Rich & Cowan’s UK collection, A HANDFUL OF DARKNESS, published in 1955; PKD’s first collection. It seems to have been a popular story for editors of the burgeoning academic science fiction market in the mid 1970s, being selected for two anthologies aimed at this audience. And after this nothing until inclusion in the second volume of THE COLLECTED STORIES.

    Philip Dick must’ve been in a bad mood when he wrote these last two stories. "Some Kinds Of Life" is a nasty sideswipe at the car of capitalism while "Progeny" is a vicious slap at ‘family values’ and what we today call political correctness. This is a different tone from anything he has expressed before in his previous short stories. Even with "Nanny," where he’d come close to hitting both targets: family values and consumerism, he’d held back a bit. But in these stories he doesn’t hold back.

    "Progeny" rates

Other Magazine and Anthology Appearances.    Click here for Cover Pix: aaaPKDickBooks.jpg (3234 bytes)

1955 A HANDFULL OF DARKNESS, Rich & Cowan, hb, ?,?,?(?)       
1974   SCHOOL AND SOCIETY THROUGH SCIENCE FICTION, Rand-McNally, tp, ?,?,? (?) {Ed. Olander, Greenburg}  
1976   MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY THROUGH SCIENCE FICTION, St. Martin's, tp, ?, 1976 358pp, $9.95 (?) {Ed. Clear, Warrick, Greenberg, Olander} LCC: 75-38023  
1987   SECOND VARIETY, not in Citadel Twilight edition  
1990   WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, Citadel Twilight, tp, ?,?,? (?)  



Collector’s Notes

Ken Lopez: "Progeny" in IF, Nov 1954 (1st). VG. Signed by the author. Slightly faded on edges and spine. $125

Rudy’s Books: "Progeny" in IF, Nov 1954 (1st). VG. $7.50

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