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<Oct 31, 1962

Aug 1963

The Unreconstructed M

If There Were No Benny Cemoli



  all_we1.jpg (20408 bytes) all_we2.jpg (13648 bytes) Worlds Of Tomorrow, Aug, Oct, Dec 1963 {ill. by Virgil Finlay}


    The manuscript for GOODMEMBER ARNIE KOTT OF MARS reached the SMLA on Oct 31, 1962. At 82,000 words, it was hardly a short story. But, retitled as "All We Marsmen" it was serialized in three successive issues of Worlds Of Tomorrow in Aug, Oct and Dec 1962. A slightly longer version was published as MARTIAN TIME-SLIP in Apr 1964.

   "All We Marsmen" was also translated into French as "Nous Les Martiens" and published consecutively in the Dec, Jan and Feb 1966 and 1967 issues of Galaxie (#’s 32, 33 and 34)

   See MARTIAN TIME-SLIP for more.


 DI 299

28. MARTIAN TIME SLIP, originally titled GOODMEMBER ARNIE KOTT OF MARS (written: 1962, published: August 1963 in shorter form as ALL WE MARSMEN in Worlds Of Tomorrow, Published 1964 by Ballantine.

 OAR 181:

25. MARTIAN TIME SLIP (original manuscript title Goodmember Arnie Kott Of Mars, serialised as All We Marsmen; received by SMLA Oct 31, 1962; sf, published 1964.

Collector’s Notes

Ken Lopez Books: "All We Marsmen" in Worlds of Tomorrow. Parts one, two and three. Galaxy Publishing, 1963, Aug-Dec. First Ed. Each volume is signed by the author and is at least very good in wrappers. $450

Rudy’s Books: "All We Marsmen" (Part 1) in Worlds Of Tomorrow, Aug 1963 (1st). VG+. $8.50

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